Transmission Received

“‘09 the year I got down with the sickness of HIV infection,
‘18 the year i found my cure for the psychosomatic inception I’ve found.
20/20-the vision I wish I had
But for now I’ve got glasses that are so scratched I can’t tell if i’m tripping or not at any point of day. 
Canada probably won’t let me cross their border because of the amount of LSD references I have online I also don’t know anybody else in the world that has memories of them walking down the hallway at 11 months old, teaching myself how to crawl out of my crib and walk on my own only to show off to the parents later as if it was the first time.
There was something that happened at age 6 or 7, maybe it was becoming aware of myself, but I knew that before I had become aware of myself, that there was something incredibly important I had forgotten, something very valuable, something about reality or the way I considered reality to relate to me. The year was 1996 or 1997, it was the year before I got glasses.  It wasn’t a traumatic thing I was missing from my memory, it was something epic, like the coolest thing ever and I remember being upset that I forgot what It was cause I wanted to tell my friends, but knew my family would think I was crazy cause I was too young to understand.  This is how the youngest in the family grows up, by getting dogged on and picked on during childhood. It’s not easy being the least believable in the family, when one’s experiences are so innate and personal.
Elder siblings made me feel like an alien,
an outsider,
a chick from the stork,
a loser,
a dork,
a piece of shit
and was literally told I was born in the toilet.
I was gullible,
I believed them,
I didn’t know any better,
this was what I was told during my first developing years by the only people I knew,
my mother, father, brother and sister.
After a while I played along with their picking on me and let them pin me down and put lipstick on me, and blush and I was so mad, that I could only laugh.
They continued to throw a mattress on the stairs down below and roll me up in a blanket and toss me down the stairs.
I unraveled, bounced like a dummy, and was giggling like a little girl at the bottom of the stairs.
It’s also a great blessing to have older siblings,
cause they will pick on you so hard,
tickle you till your crying and hating them,
but then make you miss the shit out of them when they’re not around.
I am lucky to have never lost any blood siblings, but I consider many people family.
I have teammates from high school that I consider brothers,
co-workers from the past that have taught me the meaning of a hard days work,
which in turn taught me how to react in a high stress situation without anybody getting hurt.
I have been taught by some of the best professors in the world, from psychology to English, and from horticulture to philosophy.
I don’t know where I would be without the guidance of Psilocybin, Lysergic acid and Dimethyltryptamine, these psychedelic teachers who made me think I knew everything, and allowed me to explore the freedom of thought.
I still don’t know how to work with the social problems of people’s past,
but I’ve never claimed to be responsible for other people’s actions.
I can only say what I have done and who I am and what I’m all about,
if you wish to take advantage and be less than gracious, well I can wish you the best, but you won’t be in god’s good graces.
I don’t know much,
and I want to learn more,
but how did we get to be such immature nincompoops?

I graduated years ago,
and the more I look around this circle of life,
the more I see such impunity,
There are rays of light left and right,
I know this to be true…I guess I’ll stay positive and forget to mention any few good men that I know got my back,
or the wonderful heroes without any names,
I won’t mention the confusing array of discerning illusions and the plagues that start as rashes on the psyche of people.
Don’t pick it,
don’t aggravate the ticks of your anxiety,
just let it be,
and we’ll form a our own society.

I hope to work with the entire planet however,
and which should assure us that human rights still matter,
and how there was no answer to a question of what matters.

I am sure the world is going mad over a change in the way things work,
conversions of paradigms were never easy for anybody.
The renaissance is here and we’re golden I tell ya,
what’s with all this fighting,
who’s the ones that are hating?

Why do you feel like you cannot be honest,
gag orders and tape recorders got not a thing to report me for,
except maybe being a decent human being in the face of a mass hallucination.
I never got arrested,
so I can’t see how there is fear that I’m in trouble,
I confronted my problems and cured my anxiety,
I’ve still got some work to do,
of this I know to be true,
but I’m better off than the addicted sick skeleton I was in 2016.

Where did the years go?
It’s only been three years since I got tapped on the shoulder,
when the filthy pigs of Denver said hey try this it will make you a slave,
I said that sounds hot,
I’ll worship your cock,
just make me a star on your pornography filming,
I’ll shake my ass and take all the dick you want,
call me a faggot my cock will bounce too.
I love the degradation if it is just for the role-play,
but if you touch me out of the scene,
I’ll make you never forget it.

I have a perverted mind,
this is true,
but I don’t want to consider the ideas that my mother put into my head when I came out to her….that it’s not a lifestyle to have a boyfriend if i’m a boy too,
‘are you ok?
are you suicidal? ‘
No mother i’m queer,
that’s all there is to it,
and if you can’t handle that,
I’ll be a heretic and proud of it.
Call me a bastard,
leave me on the street,
I’ll be just fine with my heart that is complete.

Just cause you think that I’m sick and need to hide,
doesn’t mean I’m indulging in pride or any other commandment on the wall.

I am not a sinner if you see this writing as a confession,
that I love to enjoy pleasure,
and not at the expense of my life.
I would give up my materials if it would show you how much a man means to me,
and that’s not a sin if i’m loving for the moment.

Quit bashing my style,
I’m just obsessed with writing about my feelings,
and if you judge me for my freedom of speech,
well I guess we’re not in the same country.
I know my rights,
and my rites,
and I can tell the difference between a process to being a man,
and a conceited control of conscience.
I hope we can right all of the wrongs that were done while I was gone,
lets get on top of the problem and break down the wall.
Lets take away borders and live like we are family,
cause this earth is so precious and its got the key to significant days,
the era of information that is free to be pressed,
the age of reason that makes us less depressed,
the idea that we can move forward from the dark ages of money,
a commodity that is so much different than currency.
Money is gaining the upheaval over mind,
while currency is what makes reading this worth your time.
Money is the root of all evil things,
but currency is what makes living worthy of being,
without currency we cannot find a universal manner to say,
I worked so I hard that money dropped out from existence!
Now we can measure your self worth with a meter,
while joining the choir or the marching band for the heater,
the runner up,
the first chair,
the last row,
play along and smash your cymbals,
play your bells and make the royals entertained.
OR we can throw the hammer down,
and stop with the charade,
honor our family and quit playing games.

I know this is a wild hair on my left ass cheek,
but damn this dude can’t stop protesting so badly,
I’m like the genie in Aladdin who marches and swings my trunk for Jafar making him grind his teeth and I think he forgot how to do sorcery.

I’ll admit I’m nothing but a street rat,
who found out about the examination,
the one put on by scientists that are in another dimension.
They put on their masks and they poke at the glass..wholey shit Mark,
I think this one is talking to me!
C’mon look at what he’s doing that’s the first time he ever saw me looking at him watching me look back at him,
and he nodded and everything,
do we continue the program even if its not a double blind study?
the whole experiment is ruined!
All the results thrown out the window, hot damn I have never seen one pass the drug test!
He is not killing himself for dopamine,
he’s saving everyone over Norepinephrine and serotonin and Oxytocin,
because he seems to know that love is what powers everything,
not the fear of the ghosts.

he even know about the ways that dimensions may get so close that they can hear one another in another test pod!
That’s not natural,
this is freaking me out,
I hope you got a rain jacket cause I can’t stop the sprouting of germinating thoughts,
oh good lord consciousness is growing out of control,
we must stop these peasants from gaining control!

He’s even got the Doctor Suess on his side what the fuck,
he knows that none of this is real,
except to his mind,
he knows how to bring it down from the trapeze on the fly,
oh thank goodness we’re back in the tent of freak shows,
and there’s a roof back too,
no more singularity theories for you or the dream team,
you’re out of line and I can’t keep my head straight on tight,
without all this noise,
I’m just a man in a lab coat!
So mister professor,
what do you superimpose?
A photo of Vlad or one of Magellan?
It’s quite clear to me that his motive is exploration,
not conquering like all those other sailors and villains.
I am quite impressed with him and his universal dialect,
his stones are bigger than the pilot!
How did he learn to communicate so well,
this is not how he was trained,
and he does believe in hell…   

Which circle of hell,
cause I’ve been through many,
the seventh is one I would never suggest,
but man did it teach me about how the other layers are less complex.
I have read about Dante,
and I know Voltaire,
is there any other form of knowledge that is beyond that of Nietzsche and his droning existence?
I heard transcendentalist movements were shot down by the Mormons,
mind you that doesn’t mean the church of latter day saints,
but maybe they’re the same in the eyes of Scientologists.
I know there is much I do not know,
but I have seen the midnight blue glow of the expulsion of Thetans,
so I know it’s not really a cult,
just a group that takes the ideas of spirituality as serious as they need to be.  

 Our feeble minds can’t comprehend quantum mechanics fully,
nor keep the machine stable,
they even got my elf ejected from his cockpit!
His name is Adamu and he’s a genius I tell ya,
the best space pilot we got on this side of Andromeda.
Bless their hearts,
I fear their galaxy has a doomed fate,
I hope it’s not the reflection of our fun house state.
The milky way is one of many little blips on the radar of few kinds of intelligence.
Some are far away,
some are really close,
don’t mind the ones in the shadows who crawl around for your attention.
They’re just random bugs that got to the mainframe of the projector and we need to repair it, either the bulb, or the filament itself.
I think the darkest of my days has the answer,
if only the federation would allow me to find the answer!
There is a problem with infinity and freezing time in the moment,
and I won’t say a word until we know about how to refer to the harvest as the upload to heaven.
It won’t be like that really, no not at all.
The conversion will make you feel dumber until you’ve adjusted to the resolution of Thoth, and his few brothers.
See when they landed here their plane was torn to bits and shreds,
and we just need the map,
the bearings,
the compass,
and the coordinates of a couple of mysteries that are shrouded in the folly of mankind.
I’ve got his word as my guide,
along with the gift of gab,
the blessing of Siddhartha
and the backbone of the red overtone serpent of the Maya,
I grew up on the autobahn and the black forest,
I gain inspiration from the beauty of art,
and its many terminations of all conditions.  

This is not just a postulation or a hypothesis,
this work is important to the ones we know as architects.
The churches have been fighting as a distraction from the truth,
the most important thing I know is that we need some training before we can move on up and on through.
It is indeed a complex thought form that is dangerous for some,
but only if you do not know how to handle the singing,
tailoring, tethering, thoughts on the wire.

We can save you if you wish to stay where you are at,
with a yellow light and you may continue on as you were.
I’m the instrument that was telling the story,
of how to read the records of those that are immortal,

I hope this idea is not destroying any statues,
they are all valuable to those that need recollection.
I’ve visited almost every god at least once or twice,
and I know that they represent the infinite mind,
I wish to allow for the powers that be to believe in their source and thus I will not interfere,
no I won’t be disrupting something I hold very dear…one’s world view.

Culture shock is rough,
and can make somebody ill,
not just from the food,
but the way they arrange the colors,
or the manner with which they create art,
it could be so disorienting to get lost in the gallery of an intelligent being beyond our comprehension.
I wish to acknowledge the curator for collecting us as a whole,
they knew how important this piece was to the world.
It’s earth and its us, and our idea is not mainstream,
this is Alpha-numericano,
a whole new palette for you to see…a whole new shade of reality, a whole new augmentation of my mind,
and how it refines the fear and points it out clear,
lets us ease those nightmares with a shake of this orca’s fin,
a decision to create from within,
clap your hands real quiet and the gentle giants will come,
the blue whales that were once wiser than man.
I am not a beetle,
I am not full of shit,
I don’t eat wood like some termite,
nor do I build paper nests on aluminum,
I know how to go without shitting in my food,
or throwing up on the guests that have front row tickets to the martian projection.
Venus too,
she’s so pretty and young,
I feel that her Sulfuric acid is what got my mind so right in line and this is what keeps the bugs out.
how I have missed your inferno,
the idea that my salmon,
my fish which contain omega threes were poisoned with heavy metals and looking glass ties,
they tried to tell me your planet was used for something less than a weather machine! What nonsense,
and hey here’s your microphone back by the way,
sorry I didn’t realize I went all the way to the root of what makes us create truth, Unfortunately,
I cannot even get the Bluetooth of Odin to sync back to him,
hopefully my hammer will suffice till then.
Jupiter’s eye is watching me now and impressed that my Saturn return has done so much good.
The rings are resonating in my head and I can hear what those giants said,
so I’ll address Loki,
quit deceiving all of us now,
we don’t appreciate the jokes that do harm.
They are not funny,
unless you’re like the joker and enjoy breaking the mind,
the riddler himself had to tell the villains to back down.
All these incarnations of angels and demons I see,
and not one divine hero but the humans that know we are free.

Antidisestablishmentarianism; to think for ourselves and question authority;
I’m pretty sure the government shutdown and anarchy ran off with it,
looks like we’re doing alright I guess…this new wild west has made me feel small among the men that founded my view.
I see so far,
and it looks really bright ahead,
I think we are coming into a tunnel,
or maybe the end of one,
has this train arrived?

The destination is here and it’s always been there all the time!
It just takes a little bit of patience and great care for the ones you know and those who play fair.
I haven’t found a single entity that is evil,
just lots of confusion from different angles.
Sadness and despair are found here and there,
but a calming sense of peace and love is more powerful than the silence.
Keep your head up sisters, and brothers raise your fists with me,
we are going to get on with a whole new reality,
it ain’t gonna be easy but if we work together,
we can be better than before and there won’t be a single mad max in a post apocalyptic car,
no we’ll be in the desert picking up the remnants of stars,
in awe of the universe and its true reality,
not this simulation that is like a bad copy.
My conservative view on liberal society is confusing to those that see communism as evil when the falsified totalitarianism is far more destructive to ethics.
government control,
there must be a way to stop the madness and agree to disagree.
I don’t mind if your country is different than mine,
I hope you can take me to your places that you find divine.
Let’s rediscover what makes the people of life so precious,
instead of putting a mark on their spinal cords and considering them fit for the gas chamber,
I mean the exaltation,
I mean the illusion that you won the lottery,
I mean fuck…just live for the day and I don’t know what else to say.

I hope your dreams are going to create tomorrow’s today,
and if they don’t well I’ll be there to back you up and when I ask for a reality check,
don’t ask for my badge.

I’m a civilian as far as I know,
but my spirit is in charge of protecting Planet Earth from attackers that do not mean well,
or are hostile for whatever reason.
If you are worried about the neon invasion,
work with me friends,
our minds are the source of creation,
we can fight off the demons or the extra-dimensional fear machines,
keep in mind we have obtained access to 12+4 dimensions and the threat has only made it to the second!
They will attempt to take over the 3d printers next,
but we got that front covered cause the decepticons are only transformers for now.

Autobots have been activated all over the world and every hero of our fiction stories and imaginations are here to help.
We know how this story ends,
it’s like the iliad and the odyssey,
Homer is as original as the first masterpiece so lets learn from the past,
don’t waste your time listening to siren songs and lets work with the cyclops and the argus to get what we need…mythos and chronos,
cause I’ve got logos down pat, and
those two we have lost might give us a leg up on the top.
I hope there are not any spelling errors as I fear we might get jinxed with a hexagram that will tell us what went wrong with the past.

The future is coming and there is no stopping it,
but we can definitely get ready to have the time of our lives. ”
-A transmission from Patrick Michael