vice grip

Now we know the difference between the press and vice.
I would like to bring things back to the days of yellow journalism,
when pulp fiction was created in order to get the real message out,
without getting any specific people in trouble.
I work to get the real story in order to prevent accidents,
and decisions made on assumptions that things are correct just because of how they seem.
I’ve had some trouble lately, figuring out why my ears are hearing special messages from places around the world.
I’ve always known that traveling by astral projection was a powerful form of medicine, but I stumbled into this format in my dreams,
I never knew what darkness was waiting for me.
The problem of our current paradigm is that now we are learning how to process this information on a whole new level,
and I can only catch glimpses of that level,
but I can feel their message coming through from time to time and it makes me want to be a better artist, a better communicator, a better writer, a better person overall.
I am motivated to heal the scars of people that have been beaten up,
and lift them up on my shoulders so we can all get a better view.
I can’t get any higher,
so now I’d like to find somebody who truly understands me and put them on my shoulders, whenever they are ready to be picked up.
There is so much out there to live for, and the world is a big place, there is much joy to find, so many ways to explore.
I cannot be confined to just one place,
and I find comfort in knowing that I can stay in this place,
and still, learn new things,
keep teaching others about the greatness of humankind,
and maybe eventually we’ll find a neighboring race of sentient beings,
but for now, it seems we are not ready to handle the ideas of higher dimensional beings, and I think we’re in the correct place for now.
I hope my advice reaches those in need,
and that we can always find common ground to make peace.
One of these days I’ll spread my wings and fly away,
but today, I’m relaxing at home for the day.