I remember a time when I found my self, I found a mistake in something I regarded as heavily socializing the wrong way.
What I saw was the interruption of time, and the procession of souls being out of place.
I noticed how there were communication errors and a translation issue.
I saw the precinct of a Buddhist temple being rented and used as a weapon.
It must have been wrong as the path to enlightenment is the same no matter which route one takes.
What I found was that there were those who didn’t want the peasants to be educated, and so they would destroy all that is sacred for a little profit,
and they would get away with this because we were not able to see what was happening behind the curtain.
I know for certain that this happened in the past,
but it was only my own experience that could be verified with the opposition,
and my word against theirs is what causes this argument.
Of course, I’ve only a basic education on religious principals, however, my experience was more attuned to that of a dream.
A lucid one at that,
and I was able to decipher the difference between right and wrong,
and when I saw such atrocities being done in the deep dream state of the basement of my subconscious,
I found that there are an entire group of people that are able to navigate the delta wave of deep sleep.
Most people are not awake in this state,
but my brain has learned to switch to alpha waves in deep states of consciousness only when necessary.
I found the source of my nightmares.
A being who I cannot identify was wormholing through this deep state and taking over the spiritual guides of different creeds,
wearing their garb,
swallowing their spiritualized ego whole and destroying the sacred nature of the past, digesting it in order to change how the subconscious manifests itself to us,
our waking state.

I saw this beast,
eating the innocence of untainted minds.
I saw the entire culture of Venus,
and I saw her unable to cross the barriers of delta due to their theta resonation.
I pushed my spirit into the fountain,
crossing the barrier,
and that’s when I saw the slug,
the menacing worm,
the invertebrate;
all razor sharp teeth and its ability to morph
and change its ionic structure to look like us.
I took my hook, and punctured its walls,
ripped it out if the fountain and sent it back to the place from once it came.
And the worm, not being able to sustain an alpha state,
reverted to beta and ate itself,
and it disappeared,
The people of Venus were so grateful that I had advanced my knowledge of the dreamspell so perfectly that they offered their hand in marriage.
I guided them to the precinct and officiated this most precious and beautiful union of two separate timelines, future and past.

And the gift they left us with, was of course, the present.

The precinct lifted off the ground in an explosive thrust,
and the temple had returned to its origin even more exquisite than before.

I’m hoping this translation of this event reached the correct people this time around.

So many details to work out,
I forget about some of the most important ones sometimes.

don’t let the subconscious unfold your nightmares,
address your personal problems and we can solve anything.