ink on the page making the white magi of the genie explain itself for covering up the beauty of black magick.

Is it practical to show the difference between a magician and a wizard?

yes, clearly. and so the page as blank as it was, reveals the message I would never forget.

That we are only shown as the shadow of regret upon the principals that another church might deploy.

It’s heavy as always, this battle for power, this resignation of books and their tower over my flower.

My presentation of the development of the seed of life growing into a bud that opens up to show it’s true colors for once.

What colors do you see?

I feel lavender for sure, maybe a bit of yellow, some deep purple for the hue.

This is an orchids flower for sure, not some tulip or snapdragon, this flower cannot be fully understood as easily as most plants in the garden, no this one is sacred and it can indeed be shared with the world for the only fee that one can truly charge, and that is your attention that you pay none of.

Clearly you have mistaken my word for something more impressive, and now you have embarrassed me for the path of the lesser.

Now you’re wilting and this passage is some iconic lore, and you’re passing by without a thought about the floor.

It’s a mess down here and I blame the companies that charged an arm and a leg to go out on a limb and say nothing is free in this world, go up to the throne and repent!