Does this have to have a title?

Does your advertising identity have to be watched over by the IRS?
Do you have to be a slave to money?
Do you know what it means to have a domain that only shows content?
It means that I pay for myself.
It means the function of my website is to be content with the content that is on each page.
This means that I am not selling you anything.
This means that the independent thoughts that I share with the reader are duty free.
This means that I am a target for the big five companies that control your news feed.
This means that I am protesting the FCC and its rules on net neutrality.
This means that I have full creative control over my intellectual property.
This means that they do not control me.
This means that I am available to write about anything I wish.
This makes me feel powerless in an ironic turn of events, as my domain does not fit the current protocol of how media companies pay journalists.
This makes me an artist, not a journalist.
This makes my writing worth more to those that wish to visit my domain.
This makes the print of these pages worth even more to the government.
This makes my life so valuable that it cannot be recreated.
This makes my work completely unpredictable to the companies that try to control you through social engineering of likes and little bits of dopamine that we get from pushing the button like lab rats.
They test us on this over and over and they monetize how each piece of advertising affects your brain.
This is not conjecture,
this is how the advertising giants generate income,
these are facts.
This has made me a little bit nervous every single time I write,
which in turn gives me a surge of dopamine, cortisol, and adrenaline, which in turn is a source of transmissions that are defeating my purpose of working for nobody but myself. And thus the iron curtain wins again.
And so I keep writing to keep protesting this form of control,
and so I find that this source of validation is not what I need to keep diving into the abyss of my soul.
And so I keep breaking the law in order to stay in line with the rules,
and so I find that there is no law that can define what I did wrong,
and so I am justified by creative freedom once again,
and all it took was for me to honor the first amendment.