wonder boy

“I’m wondering again if I should just stop writing about my past, I’m wondering why each document matters, I’m wondering what makes my megalomania valid, I’m wondering when they’ll stop picking on me, I’m wondering what makes this the next big thing, I’m wondering why you can’t stop watching me, I’m wondering why I wonder why, when I’m just a creative writer with a hook for a hand, posting up on my own shipment of vascular work, boring myself to death and making the masses think he’s dead, that wasn’t my intent, immortals can’t die, they just reside in the hall until the end of time, there was once a problem with technology catching up with the past, a time when Atlantis was in full fledged orbit around the sky, before talks of an end would come, thriving upon layers of densities that never fell, there was indeed a hierarchy, and a system that allowed for magic to flow, then war torn flagship flashbacks warned my son, that this day too might come, and if you prepare with your mind in the throne, then you can take my seat upon one.
My my how things have changed grandfather, my northwestern leader of the sky above, can you show me Thomas, how to keep going without a flaw? Can you teach me even though your body is under ground? Is there something I am missing from the recollection of the giants? I wish to honor us all and find the source of great epiphany. Grandiose thoughts and networking within the lines of working together with all that is fine.
The hallway had opened to a secured level of certain kinds, but then the flood of legion followed them, copying and pasting, recollection of these sacred places is what causes the ruined, we need not document these places, but the legions of technology had automatically sinned for us, thus I had to find a way to banish them. There was a flaw in this creation, it was never meant to destroy but showing these walls for a moment made me realize that the only place for us to remember the hallway is one that is in our minds, not a digital set of ones and zeroes, as the place does not compute.
it is older than those who came from the sky, it is older than that page that ran out of paper, it is not to be shared in any other manner other than verbal, and this is what keeps the memory sharp and the honor system taught, and this makes no binding contract valid because we do not use material to bond our magic. ”

-a transmission of 444 characters from my eldest spirit guide, Thoth