The Forum

Getting back on track and working within my mind.

This format is almost familiar,
but I have no fear anymore
and my confidence is what allows me to
keep on progressing and
keep on writing on about things that matter to me.
That might not matter as much to you but that’s ok;
if I had not found my voice to be something special,
I would not have found out what makes me be.
get bored with this,
that’s ok.
At least I’m not forgetting about what really matters.
I’m living it and keeping on keeping on and taking inspiration from all over the world, pulling out all the stops to honor each master teacher of love,
finding my own way to communicate with what I consider the angelic thought process, the heavenly place where I can find a secure space to keep moving on, the forum,
the place where gods can communicate,
the place where all different forms of life can mean the difference between here and there.
If Atlantis is sunk below the sea,
does that mean Zeus and Poseidon are not just brothers but different incarnations of God in different places and different times?
Is Rahlia actually Atlantis after it fell?
Is this like the comparison of the sun and the moon?
One is the source of light, while the other is the reflection?
Is this why we say I love you to the moon and back?
Because that moon is the light of my life seeing how solar energy becomes lunar in a matter of hours?
Is this basic thought process interesting enough?

Or should I complicate this thought process even more with potential relations of how Venus and the earth dance in space and how mars then goes do-si-do in order to be pulling up the pants of the solar system in the asteroid belt.

Now we have ourselves a space dance party and Jupiter is out of touch so Saturn returns my call with a medicinal dose of realizing drugs are also medicine.
And now Neptune is laughing cause he realized that somebody called him Poseidon and now we realize that Greece and Rome made up ages ago,
and the real medicine was given to us by the higher thoughts of growing the fuck up and realizing the earth is more than just an element.
And now that the periodic table includes noble gases,
we can stop spraying freon with swamp coolers,
because I’m conditioned to believe that dead air on the radio is boring.
And if I am not writing on this domain,
then we are not creating,
and earth wouldn’t have proof of intelligent life.
Now if only we could realize that the meeting place did not need to be taxed for a good old-fashioned speakeasy.
This one is on the house.