Bloody Hell

Lately I’ve been writing in pencil just in case I made a mistake. I enjoy taking the ink from cephalopods to write about the depths of my consciousness, necromancing, bringing my inert words to life with the magic of interdimensional beings of Cthulu, however, this is not always wise if one is not nimble enough to make good with this German legend. There are no flaws in growing up. But I would never consider somebodies written word to always be relevant protocol to each and every system, I would always give one a chance to correct a mistake. Edits are always welcome. There is no saying what I will know tomorrow, so if I was wrong before about something serious, well take this apology even more serious. I will not apologize, however for my stream of consciousness, there nothing to be ashamed of when learning. I won’t be mad if you think I’m delirious just for being aware of the past that happened before, and the futures that have the potential to come about. Tell me a lie that wasn’t relative to the truth, and how you thought that writing in pen was a dumb thing to do. I could write about the manifold of steampunks that will leave a definite mark on your mind, and its pressurized water mains that power this mind. Don’t let the oxygen break the cell walls, or they’ll get rusty for sure! I’ve seen the conduit itself getting rebuilt, those wonderful drones that build by word of mouth. They fixed my pipeline, first by following the stream way-way back to the beginning of time, I watched them work together on a project in my nervous system, it was wonderful, and they were supplementing my synaptic fiber and beefing it up, and bringing my perception of my minds eye back to the frontal cortex. And I was able to send an echo-locomotive pingback through the pineal gland, and message the others that I was going to be ok. I found that previously, my system was getting fried due to an electrical shortage and my nervous system being soaked in glutamate, a neurotransmitter that reminds your body how you got dopamine. If there is a leak, the transmitter is toxic and causes neuropathy or the blood becoming saturated in toxins. I felt my nervous system was bogged down in rat poison from my latest vaccine, or formaldehyde, whatever toxin was used in the latest tetanus vaccination. Thank goodness for the antibodies in that vaccine however, after recovery, I feel like I have been rebuilt. The transition is always the most difficult thing to process. Those nerves were going haywire and splitting at the seams before but now, I can see what mistakes I made in the past, and how writing in ink is only necessary to clean up blood-bourne illnesses.