Worst Case Scenario

That night we heard the liberty bell curve crack the great divide,
the division of me and you.
That was before I knew you and me were separate in the eyes of big pharma.
It was the night we left each other at the doorstep.
When I was nothing more than a refrigerator to keep things cool.
You told me never to come back.
I did anyway.
I didn’t know how to go about this the correct way.
I knew later on that they passed off the event as a controlled burn.
Only because a mentally handicapped known as an honorary volunteer firefighter tagged my identity as a little girl with permission from the hospital, and so everytime my identity was stolen, an amber alert would go off.
And they allowed this study to go on because they thought they could report the minority of perverts as bait.
Let me off the hook now that my android is paid off, and sam is fine.
Fuck your study and its grotesque results that killed the homeless and bussed them out to Seattle.
We are all being thrown under that bus.
That was dirty, so I had to clean your clock.
Remember, if there is blood on the windshield, you’re gonna need Windex and a newspaper to clean it.
Don’t forget to return the book of my case back the colorado springs library, and if the case is late, I get charged with all the evidence of the case.
Does that make me the best investigator or the worst case scenario?
Check out time is 48 hours.
The bell rang just in time for groundhog day.