Inside the Mind of Mankind

There will always be a battle between the north and the south or the east and the west or the other side of the coin,
but what is incredible is the yin and the yang are created by one another.
There is no way I’ll keep fearing the dark when that was the place when I found my own light.
Now that I’ve seen what happens when you entertain the ideas of the insane,
I’ll quit following the orders of some random thing.
Synchronicity brought me euphoria and wonder before,
It was crazy to think that anything had changed.
I followed my dreams all the way back to the time I had gone deeper into a dream within a dream.
I saw how some wake up and they are lonely cause everybody else is asleep.
I woke up and washed my face,
only to wake up once more, after attempting to switch the light on. they don’t work in a lucid dream, and you can’t read a digital clock either, the digits morph and that’s when you realize you’re in a dream.

That’s when you wake up.
The weirdest part was the following morning.
I saw the only waking person in my lucid dream walking down the street…in reality.
He looked at me,
surprised and I knew that he knew,
that we had met on the astral realm,
and that my astral body had truly woken up.
In the dream,
I walk around the nosebleed section of a stadium and saw a couple talking to one another,
but their faces were scrambled,
I knew their persona,
and I recognized their body,
but they were not awake so they jibber jabbered back and forth to one another,
I moved on and found an elder,
and he told me that nobody knows how to dream anymore and that seeing me walk around in awe and wonder gave him hope for future generations.
How did the subject of fear get found in this wondrous place?
I think it was the horror films that people see for thrills,
but whoever considered the lasting impact on our consciousness?
I’ll bring it all back to happier days when we found out how grateful our family was that we were not in grave danger,
rolling over to our stomachs.
There is nothing more to worry about,
of this I’m sure,
cause happily ever after was my kind of living for real.
The dream happened in 2009.
I can only count on one hand how many dreams I have had that were that real.
This domain is a journal dedicated to working that out,
and waking up and getting us to connect back to our astral bodies so we won’t lose our way to wherever we go after this life.