Run a diagnostic on this computer, does it believe in God?
Or is the prognosis agnostic?
Let me know the make and the model of my body of work,
let me know what the HUD says is happening here,
but first, check the oil and change the brake fluid.
Check the rotors of my wheels that spin in circles in this mud pit.
After you get us out of here,
check my alignment,
I don’t need my steering wheel to drift off to the left and while you’re at it would you mind showing off that engine inside?
I want to see if the transmission is automatic,
oh, wait this is the standard model that’s right.
Can I see the operators manual again?
I cannot imagine the revolution of my pistons or, wait, is this a diesel?
Is there a spark plug or a fuel injector?
Oh wait, I think this runs on natural gas.
Is the bluetooth that connects the stereo compatible which the engine’s computer?
Does it run on a click track metronome?
And does this then power the moog module, which could possibly propel itself by way of noble neon gases or is that anonymous tip-off just a sign that the streets taught me more than college ever did.
I bargained bits of this thing to recollect my memory to keep my thoughts secured with a beating around the flaming bushel of
that was calculated into a rectangle;
the burning desire to design an assignment that would jam;
an electronic signal that might stop the unbalanced android persona from copying me and replacing my form with something that is every way fucked left out on its own to survive on no such thing in order to plan for the worst possible outcome and pre-plan a successful mission that wouldn’t find a way out of this safety net,
so it lands grossly on the groundwork with a splat.
The network that is already outside of that grain of sand,
those California slippers that make me get down on my knees and pray to God for making me realize that there are many more ways to progress than destroying what already is here.
By the way,
this is not a test any longer,
this study is now an experimental beta browser,
and it reports its flaws to the developer and the next update will shut down the current operator,
and give control over to the secretary.