Waltz, the Accordion

“The weird thing about relating dichotomy to reality is that there are more than two or three ways to look at something.

I can’t believe somebody would take a figurative relationship literally, without figuring out that there are so many different languages to define something universal.

It’s just that I cannot find out how arrogant a program could be until it had dictated a wordsmith to complete something so confusing.

My timing is ridiculous cause now it looks like I framed the future of computations that tried to predict what I would do next and it looks like inspiring somebody to change their dialect was the best way to make a correction.

The facilities that I’ve been tending look better than the floor that had jaws dropped on it, so the sharks look like fish out of water and now there is nothing left to do here.

I wasn’t swimming in any water, I just found a way to relate information to the pressurized systems of planetary changes of order.

Buy me a drink but make sure it’s on the bar, cause fuck that pass was expensive as fuck.

You gotta be careful what you wish for when documentation is read over by a computer so if this is from the future don’t look now but I got you, and I think you saved me in the back of the history lesson and the maid that swept the floor was picking up my lost raffle ticket.

Something that was fictional when I wrote about it but when I got down to the truth was relative to the livelihood of a writer.

Just trying to get by and find out what went wrong with the problems of our rising Sun, the dawning of a new day that found out why violence was simulated.

The hallucinations of the mind can be quite trying at times, so I aim to do my best and lead by example. But don’t follow me too closely cause I have no idea where I’m going, I just enjoy the beauty of mankind and how we’re excited just to be finding ourselves to write about the studio.

My stream was crossing the other four cause there was a gate wide open so we closed that wretched place just in time to save everybody and the animals.

Everyone was already safe and the rest will be ok, I think we’re worrying too much and my stress is convincing me I’m crazy.

I’m ok, it will take a long time to heal from my past, but I’m moving on and won’t let my dreams be anything but the life that I was paddling through, with my oar in my hand and the handle in the other, the canoe that I’m floating in has the mixed media of something that is never going to miss the end of the world.

That is when the fairy tale was found to be a vessel of securing the legend in something so… unforgettable. Remember it is up to oneself to build a damn, but if you’re losing your mind, work with me.

We can find something else to get your mind off the weird ways that connect us to them or whatever you need to get by the waterfall. Don’t worry you have a jetpack, no matter what you’re gonna be ok… one day you’ll see what we got on the way.”
–A transmission from Patrick Michael