The Tabernacle

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Elements of Basic Building blocks
to break down how this foundation of solid morals makes my word at the very least more valuable than just tinfoil and cellophane wrapping.

We know my materials that compose my mineral baths,
but did you notice my courtyard and its marble columns?

Those places where we can drink and smoke and enjoy the company of our family and friends and relatives,
and safely navigate the social notion of expectation and avoid basic protocol of commenting on the weather.

Oh how the studies present themselves,
manners in which we share stories and tales of our kin’s lessons passed.
This yard is full of characters from all over the world and parts of the planets,
and their moons and their satellites and stars to and fro,
those delightful recollections of demigods or just the inspirations we have gained from feeling their gravitational pull on our minds and bodies and souls and what ignorance it takes to leave this astronomical calculation behind.

This is the tabernacle,
the forum where we might convince our mortals’ minds where one might entertain these divine spirits,
and attempt to tackle their knowledge of love and their love of knowledge.

How we wrestle before the kings and queens and royalty once we have mastered each constellation’s resonation with our birth time and place.
For those matters,
it was all location, location, location,
but if the triangulation is only revealing three dimensions,
then we can only find your body,
not your mind, not your soul, not your spirit,
just your composition, your impression.
And so when you find yourself here,
know that we’ve been waiting for you,
and the celebration has just begun!

These niche characters are granted permission to enjoy a drink as long as they don’t interfere with another person’s wellbeing,
this postulation of personal freedom to dance with nature.

No no, there is always chaotic merriment and order of manners but the only banter we have little to spare is that of the humble,
nobleman whose good deeds are well appreciated.

Those little things that few notices are the virtues of man that is most valuable,
among the patient, and the valiant, and the honorable.

I found that honesty is not something these celestial beings bother with,
as their path,
their mass,
their dance is a natural balance of mathematical perfection.

It is indeed the same old same old I guess,
so old, that we didn’t even record history the last time this happened,
and when was it that the truth stopped setting us free?

Was it when we were found to be casual with our secrets,
adding the bounty of necessary weather main fanfare talk?

That shapeshifter shit kicker conversation that is perfect for any guest?
It is actually a trait that I lack,
as I tend to go into deeper levels of conversation and the shallow end reminds me of a time when I was young and nearly drowned in inches of water.

Its tough to lighten up, but I guess I see what they see for once.
I’m too real,
too observant,
not careful enough,
too cautious,
too serious,
I’m no jolly rancher,
I’m no loser though,
no winner of the folklore,
just another jester telling old wives tales over and over again.
Mother Goose’s fantasies were horror stories first ladies and gentlemen,
time to grow up I guess.
I’ll send ya to the boogie man and back I guess,
I mean that funky music can cheer ya up better than these old bones.
My stream is never finished because its not mainstream,
so quit waiting in these waters,
I’m done fly fishing,
and the only thing you’ll catch in these waters is a cold now that it is October.
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