Colour Wheel

One day I could see myself from another state of mind,

and another manner to say whatever is only necessary,

I don’t feel like I’m not done with this get-up and go mentality,

I mean I’ve had the opportunity to ask myself in a thousand different faces and a boatload more doorways whose thresholds are leaning on the trim of the frame.

It’s not that strange to see something so simple as the way I got my bearing to spin again.

Would a market like that need be revolutionary to update the cartographers’ palette?

Is my taste in art getting more refined and sophisticated?

Nah… it’s more elegant when it is less busy, not so much noise and way less static, more solidified shapes and more defined edges, more robust saturations of the sunburst pearlescence, the gradient tapers off and thus we can visualize an entirely interactive awe-inspiring graph of equatorial means, painting the picture of earth and the solar system and the milky way galaxy to finally be perceived as the tiny speck that it is.

How small do we feel now that our galaxy can commune with neighbors all but nearby?

So close I can feel them, so far I can’t imagine life without them.

Holographic Novelas; Charitable Donation

My work takes time to create, and for the longest time I thought that making my work available for free was a great way to spread some love, and gain notoriety. I’ve gained a huge amount of respect for the artists that put on the shows and make videos, and as a professional, I’ve found there is a ton of maintenance that goes into keeping expensive equipment like my computer and phone secure and this website safe, and anonymous to visitors. If you’re feeling like my poetry has enlightened you or brought some kind of light into your life, or made your shadows more pretty, send me something to help keep this as is.