On the Fly

Only forewarning the incubators;
this may just generate a medicinal life force,
as such the rest of my mind might just stitch the culture back together when I busted out of the confines of the refinery.
chipped the shelf,
Higher education dropout,
books decking floors,
and paving the way for now,
and reducing wasteful sonic ripples,
with bits and pieces,
such places and things,
not changed out,
not now,
power wheels that are kicked out of their rotary phones,
vertical drops,
catch the inverse curve of the nightlife of inner city and overloaded sensory perceptions. Or maybe a less heavy,
more lighters, like musical chairs,
less room for…file sharing,
white knuckles,
black eye,
rosy cheeks,
shadow boxers that cube the court,
striking the set up once again,
dream team works harder,
but only hits the nail on the head,
lightworkers that shine brighter than your sun dropped off by the stork,
starkly naked,
reminding how the strings of this sinew might fletch a crossbow instead of an instrument of making music,
or the strings of corsets that squeeze the chest for the visual striker that pleases the eye, instead,

I put this in its place

easy street,
main street,
shat britches,
dropped drawers,
pantie raiders,
shovel storage and skat,
bear combs,
brushed mane and tail to tame the wildlife.
Less doing, more being,
rapping, singing, popping it off,
dropping off the deep end,
edge of the land mover,
street signs, line up, ride out, roll outer, the end of the world,
the beginning of the planet as we refine, resign, relax,
operate on the error of man,
so you don’t lose more than your mind.
Remaster the soundtrack of the tape,
or measure the recorder with a parking meter,
Regain everything,
lose nothing,
brought in again,
fused locks,
lost pads,
apartment complexes like god complexes,
vertices cornered and kicked out,
69’d, 86’d,
superimposed for being bets on the wager,
but not vetted by officials,
so I lose you again,
I was,
bad label,
numbers for the spokesman of the wheel,
knot the helm,
torched risers,
scorched plain,
light reveals charcoal,
a filter from nature,
feather of the prairie,
sigil including symbolic references as my Mjolnir,
my fire stoker; Virgil,
into the seedy curriculum to germinate,
grow up, and break ground,
plant the bite-locomotive,
stun the rebels than prepare for the work that was in store when the inventory was out of stock.
Sock puppets,
sticky pads so we don’t slip out,
ticket stubs of the tabernacle,
where we know the present so well,
its laid out for the graceful plunge back into,
table manners brought juniper,
and now we vote,
nautical separation,
counter positions hectogons,
polygot paused on the plane before stuttering, stammering, hesitating,
succeeding in acquiring the pretense of convex lenses,
serial patents; spending brownie points on pixies,
travelers check,
encase wisdom on the humps of dazed and refused,
concerned retribution for the classic feeling of laboratory animal and human tested, mother approved,
denied by the government, but only cause the evidence was selfish,
and the programming was automatically auto-correcting on a spelling error that was never keen enough to follow a poet into the woods.

Verses of idealist fornicators,
castor oil,
cleaned the well alright.
oh darn,
upset down low,
rider dead,
on meeting the reader,
so we can plan for testing zones for supplemental exhibitions and formal rites of passage to crawl out of the caves and watch the sands whose timeless grains gain velocity for once, not matter.

Skip over this page,
this line,
so that I may find an old pressing notebook to drop out and find a new manner of expressing all the shit I can’t seem to pay forward,
last time I babbled on for so long,
so wrong,
mistook an aisle for a runner,
a stripped down bar-none crossed overseas tried,
mixed feelings,
left out,
what matters more,
thanks to lesser demonic forces,
speaking of pergolas,
rafters and awnings,
or cabriolets that cover the story as well as taxi-dermatologists,
they now look no different than the space blankets and shawls and scribbles that piece together the stability that has been dropped into a field trip of the furthers…the way that the fifth time was more like evaporated milk instead of powdered toast,
with fruit bars and all the fixings,
such as gaps and air pockets,
jaunts down the memory lane.
knocking on the door, as I always do,
shit gets weird when I rely on bunches of fearless attacks that are a force of truthful debunkers,
back on track,
break the barrier of sound and light,
inset the tricks of the illusion,
or the kickstart of the engine once again.
Repurpose my intention,
support from the neighborhood,
and a chirp from the birds of basic instinct to heal from all the tissue cultures that formed on my brain that broke down,
straight back to the ground.
I live like I wrote all this down last week and I’ll probably read it as if its the fifth time, only cause this groove is smooth as time once was,
now that it is not out of sync,
I wish to stay right here,
where I don’t mind if I lose everything once again,
if only to gain you back to the back of my line.
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