Stop it, quit it, don’t stop

Oh how my scars have proven the adverse effects of radio chatter, and the seriousness that piracy has been mistaken for stoic thoughts. They tell me to stop talking about this or that or whatever comes through their running lane. What was unexpected is that I had the notion of figuring out that I had already figured everything out, and now I was worried that my tips would give too much away, and then I felt bad for no reason. This information that you’re seeing right here is not restricted anywhere, so it doesn’t matter what you say, or what you do, you’re gonna be held to your word no matter how you follow up. Now I’m learning about all different combinations of personality types, and how this stream is all inclusive and could never judge a man or woman for giving birth to a gender that is ambiguous as a black star, as ideological as a symbol for a name, or as fine as an original work of art. Androgynous humans fascinate the mind, and it makes me value the great gift. I’m not trying to get all cheesy here, but lets be honest, the cow is sacred cause the milk that comes out is where one finds the cream of the crop, and damn if you didn’t know I was born in Wisconsin in the same town in Houdini, and the bar down the road is how Miss Cleo got busted for telling fortunes, but if we’re really being honest, she was probably just so good at her job that the powers that be had to explain to the boss why the land line was connecting to parallel realities and now we see that the mirror is the bouncer, and the voodoo ranger is so damn good at his job that we made a truce between pygmies, pixies, fairies and fantastic sentience delivered by the stork, another legend that Wisconsinites preserve so well that we have reserved parking spaces at hospitals for the stork. Handicapped spaces are of similar importance, and thus we know how to take care of our humans that have something special about the way they perceive reality. Even if its something as simple as a speech impediment, or our links to the television that interfered with our direct connections. Thank goodness for vacuum salesman that understand the importance of restoring clean mountain air to the elevation that delivered one of the best damn pizzas I’ve ever had with a Detroit cut. Man I can’t believe that I can be so ambiguous here on this plane that I have connected to. Lemme know if there is anything you can do to get the crane wife swapped back to the correct family.