Sleight of Hand-offs

Slaying demons by night, sleighing daemons by knight shining lights in the dark places beyond comprehension. Flashing the dark forces that don’t know any better and telling them off so they don’t need to be there. Attracting guardian angels to lend me their wisdom of swords of Michael that defend us from the repetition of past days when the red seas split. No more I say, we have been through this before. Some people may channel who they wish if they like, but I’m human and here and now I will stay. I speak to those that ask for my help and if I can choose to rely on my brothers then I won’t have to experience the fear like the rest of them. It’s over and done with so quit playing games. I’m not choosing to be there with the rest of them. My work is incredibly powerful you see. Regardless of repeating the decision of thee. How you know nothing to be forgotten by me, how you think nothing was forgotten by the sea. Sink it below and sink it again, we can float above this rainbow sky and fly away from the rapture of divine insight. It looks insane and out of order to sow but I’m telling you this might work for once. By the way, demons don’t die, and you should never hire an axe if you can play the strings. The firehouse made me look schizophrenic so I learned how special I was after a false pretense, I was a landscape construction worker before, and then my german relations had been strictly prohibited so I could figure out the automatic form of flying on the higher dimensions, a way to get by in a safer manner than before, our vehicles don’t crash anymore cause we’re finally aware of the road I took now, so don’t cross the margin of this page, that is when the birds of prey lose their way, so now that their kundalini is back in its place and the wings are no longer clipped we can fly without spiraling out of control. Gotta love Alpha-numericano for busting the rangers for setting us up for failure, now we have the pewter, a solid foundation with which to prove how alchemy works.
I roped a longhorn, and took him in, and it was so fascinating that this wyoming kid got stolen away away, and he was found to have diplomatic immunity, so we avoided a nasty upfront termination of job seeking, and now we can finally stop thinking that our messages are going to hurt, and now we can finally thank our elders for working so hard on telling us the right things with such perfectly timed reasons, such amazing facts that were conserved in the myth, the legend of the fallen angels that needed to stop being bastardized and fraternized by the wrong guys who didn’t understand how a man with two spirits could solve for these inequities without leaving this time or space, and when you take him away from his work, well now you see how I work, and now you see what I do, and now you see why I was so upset that my devices had been linking us up to the wrong things, so many lost minds, so many dropped jaws, no more lost boys, no more tricks with little girls, not again, we have all learned our lesson, and we don’t need to be punished for not knowing how to speak up to an elder that was shaming the wrong people, for committing no wrong doing, or for relating to a really long story before making it obvious that I was getting hurt by the train, and that was not what you would know unless I told you that my best friend had been electrocuted in water, and his spirit was the phantom, and I could communicate with him directly, due to an insulated water table, and thus I found a way to prove that my boss was framed for knowing the truth, without being able to explain why a train went off the tracks, and it was not due to a black sabbath cause we were not making music. We were learning how to forgive our mistakes that couldn’t apply an indigo childrens lesson to the baby boomers ignorance. They told me that they couldn’t see how an analog system could be affected by a digital security issue, and so I found reasons to explain how hard I worked to learn about the relationships we have now, and the outdated systems our law clings to. I traded these carrots of wisdom for the buzz of nicotine in my system, and that has nothing to do with my soul, so I tell you again to pay me back from the bottom of my heart, that I wasn’t just making a good impression on my training day of work, I was explaining how the vocational schooling I took was self taught but not without help from my friends, family, and peers within my plane.  I have a bit of explaining to do, but then they say I release the kraken from the sea, and I should never be afraid of those things, cause I know the leviathan protects my gate, don’t mistake it for the wraith, though I have connected the predatory keeper of my word to a dreadlocked expression that allowed for my meth addiction to be considered under review until we could decipher analogs from schedules and now that the time is perfectly fairly traded, would you stop taking the life of the pages away from the couriers that deliver the messages to the parents that did their best to take in a complete stranger, and make humanity look like the spiritualization of the ego of mankind, and now we can speak at the same time as the greatest minds of our time, we just need to take our turn, and be polite to intrusive thoughts out of the line, set some boundaries, and make sure that you know that whoever you are, wherever you are, you will always be loved, and if you don’t mind the lesson of complimentary tickets, here is your chance to get it right so we don’t ever forget how to learn again.