What about the Five Big Questions?

“Who did what to where?
When did this happen again?
Questions are useless if I run out of material and if I can’t keep asking questions then what is the point of creating a mural?
Why did you see this page as the position that was vertical enough to be printed upside down?
This is half the reason I print in landscape mode so the orientation makes my width of the page that breaks down to the ground.
My hyper-vigilance is a keen tool to keep applying, ensuring that I’m trimming the edges and not shining the varnish.
The outline of the pages are what makes my work valuable,
and if the height can cause an altercation between tradition and contemporary,
well I guess I know where to post.
My flow is not slowing down anytime soon,
but like any river,
it has seasons when the current events are purging and soaking in and treating the soil well.
I intend to keep going smooth,
and if I waver in an eddie,
don’t mind me,
I’ll spin in circles and wash up on the riverbank.
I’m sure I’ve already threaded this thought process together in the past,
but if you’re sick of the river, one of these days,
I’ll get a four-wheel drive truck to climb the mountains,
and rally the rocks,
find myself at the summit and breathe in the thin mountain air that is more crisp than potato chips.
I’ll enjoy the view up on this high altitude,
and refresh my lungs so I can continue creating thoughts that sublimate to the atmosphere,
something about the ionosphere and the altimeter that tells my mercury meter how much pressure is above me.
Oh how these chapters that I’ve brushed up against in the past come up again and I’ll pull something more original out each time.
I don’t have time to worry if this is similar to another poem i’ve got,
this stream doesn’t join the jets for no reason!
I’ll find a tailwind to slip right into, and now I can cruise with less stress on my wings,
no more wasting fuel on the flapping of my arms as I dance,
It’s not the 1920’s,
or at least I don’t think so,
so I think we can keep moving into the future and plan for a homestead.
I heard there was some kind of point of no return,
but as for climate change,
I trust the earth to right whatever was wrong.
All I know is that we don’t need to rely on the blood of the dragon to continue to thrive. Those dinosaur bones and those peet moss ruins,
lets keep them in tact as we know the forest in Siberia supplies more oxygen than all of North America!
Maybe I’m sounding liberal and cheesy,
but I’m telling you,
Brazil is one of the most demon infested habitats for the simple reason that the rainforest gets ripped to shreds on an industrial scale,
and that statue in Rio is giving those corporations a preview!
I wish to move and persuade the human spirit away from the evil,
and back to the primeval character,
as we know that our minds are not in tune with something,
and it might be that our root is not finding the kundalini as balanced as it was in the nineties.
Did you notice how the smog cleared after hair metal gave way to grunge?
Maybe it won’t happen all that quick with our generations so far apart in terms of the history that passed and the environment that supplied our comfort to grow intellectually. Maybe we didn’t have to walk 500 miles to get to school,
but damn we sure did have to deal with student loan sharks and whatnot,
and our cars cost as much as your house did in 84′.
Don’t tell me that three minimum wage jobs are necessary to get ahead…though I respect that human who sacrificed her social life for her kids.
I don’t know if this jaunt down memory lane will come to a conclusion,
nor will I find an excuse to explain myself for calming down.
Don’t be offended by my constructive criticism,
it’s not gonna take the cake in this walk that only leads me to a musical chair stage.
Next time I write,
maybe I’ll prompt myself with a specific subject,
but as always, this shit is off the cuff, and I don’t shoot blind off the hip. “
-Patrick Michael
a transmission from the engine for the spirit, TaurianTorus©

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