Handled carefully, Packaged finely.

”No no yes

No yes no

No yes Sir

Scouting for crops

Landmass earth-wise

Pretty ugly and now the outer rimfire is shy.

Family functions that find you out of me.

I’ll be done with this series when it works.

For nobody but my identity, generate income and gain Independence from my own divergence in between sovereignty and reality.

I registered my domain to my bank and forgot what that meant, it was private and satellite operated, but narrowed down to a cab with art and a host.

But i don’t know much about paperwork, so I’ll wait till I can press copper coins, into good points, without losing the disk jockey, that compact disc, need a laser pointer to scan, but ultra violet to read it, I can see through your screen, outside that is an original land that needs ozone, everywhere but here the greenhouse is protecting all of us.

Don’t let the projections of your mind hit the silver screen, that would mean it is too late.

This conflict is the first time I noticed that flower children came about to offset and counter act the agent orange that was a result of germinating apple seeds and spitting them out in the spoiled compost. Not one knew who the father was of these children, now we flipped that back out and these lost boys feel like bastards.

I asked the tribe help us find out if the rumors rang true, this penultimate lesson, I sell assistance in getting my dreams back, as I’m living them each day and this Delta wave I’m floating is too deep for the rest, so they call out my horses as nightmares, and I guess that’s when I flip the beta switch, and oscillate the baseline, find my threshold and keep the ceiling from turning down the mirage of the idea that my roof is not 3 layers deep but insulated with fiber-optic micron filters that fuse the locks with a warning about the past. How it never comes to pass and what history send to repeat itself until we learn from our mistakes and give out souvenirs in the form of memories that you forgot you had. They’ll call it bamboo and they might blame you for pandamonium, but we stop those hysterical emotions from grabbing hold by settling down and chilling the hot head. We don’t need to pucker up or kiss these lips, we need to soothe that sour mash with bittersweet gradients of rounding out the balance. Such wonderful ways to slice up the salsa garden sidewinder, and remember that the grass is greener where the gardener snake coils up in the tall threads, don’t tell me what I need from these creatures, we work with nature and we don’t need to be coveted or covered up cause our human qualities are all we need to work well together.”-Patrick Michael