yell and tell and tug and pull

“why did I hesitate to go,
why did I stop to think about the hole in the plot?
Everybody sees but ignores the elephant and I’m not really sure when I can say it’s over let’s move on with this. This, it starts over again cause our humble minds cannot comprehend the complexities of reality anymore.
Sure we set bookmarks as bread crumbs and sit on benches when we get lost in the park, and we find corridors and catacombs deep beneath the floors.
It’s dark sometimes,
yes indeed, but not ill dignified one bit, our cause is noble and we explore the shadows so that when you get lost… you won’t fall in.
There’s so many ways to lose our mind, and busting it’s frame is one of them, match the conjecture,
juxtapose the light fixture,
and we won’t have a single dark hallway to fear.
Spirits of the body go through a wild twisted journey,
and if you’re attached to your astral body,
you’ll envision your birth through dying, you’ll turn red in the face and make up some crazy excuse as to how your mind was confused with the nature of fateful destinations.
I’m not one to condemn however,
no I’m the counselor here for the school of thought,
the one with a library on Jupiter’s Titan and the hospital on Saturn’s IO,
the Olympus mons can carry your signal back to the satellites and now you know how to get back to the frame of mind that you have had since you graduated high school or private lessons for whatever suits your heart. friends all around, what do you see before your eyes? is it something unforgettable or is it something you’d rather not speak of again? either way I that path was chosen for you and I’ve found that if i showed you that door last week, you’d know by now if it was yours to walk through. “-