Nu(neo)Lithic; Contrast2(space)

Get it right, go over to the next pass just cause our minds are converged, and restored by the love of the one that rides dragonflies to work on some of the most incredible gardens in the universe.
which one?
which way?
could be all of the above,
none of the below, suppose this recollection emptied out the floor, promised by the sands of time,
to break the glass in case of emergency,
but only so we can learn creation from the dust that is leftover.
I’m learning how to guide the aerobic classes through the atmospheric tendencies,
affecting the ripples in space without losing the time,
knowing the digital longitude is perpendicular to the lay lines,
and how we know that we can flip out with pure clarity,
and no worries that we can make it on the ground,
with the knowledge of our ancestors, the guidance of the light above,
the presence of the moment at hand, the gift of the holy time,
the material that sewed up the cut in the news of the world,
that old robotic sentinel brought this legend back into your left over salsa dance.
Dance a lifetime away all in one dusk, so by the time that golden hour sets on the