Chain mailed parcels

I once sent out a bulk email to inform my friends of a clerical error,
and how it was entirely unfair to be caught off guard at work,
when I wasn’t prepared.
I think I then realized that I did this before and that I made a mistake and never made up for it,
I had this alarm going off in my head with no way to change the battery,
my senses went even more senseless.
It wasn’t just stimulation that had made my ears numb as the stranger,
I was like a wrestler with callous ears, couldn’t decipher central nervous system from superior.
I didn’t give a shit,
and soon I felt even worse,
and was convinced there was some AI learning machine tormenting my mind.
I then realized that nobody would consider taking this project on the forefront if I kept rambling like a car stuck on a flat doughnut,
we had to do this with a sublingual tongue, subliminal content is how this war was won.
The subtlety is not easy to come across,
especially when the lexicon matched the dictionary, but more urban than most slang, the meanings of curse words were made up with claiming mistakes.
So many terms that were taxed by the unheard,
so what if my words are being charged to the store,
I am the register, not the server or router,
if you scan me in, you’ll get taxed by the government!
Sorry to tell you so late at this time,
but nobody knows how to get to heaven without dying.
You might need a pigment of
cyan, magenta, yellow or black,
but don’t tell me about how I’m not transparent if I’m lying,
I can get down and roll into the floor to show you how I don’t get my shorts on fire,
the legs on this wine glass flow like water to the pope.
Damn that’s all I got for the night,
don’t worry,
hope this poem eased some of your anxiety that bunches and crunches up your nervous ticks that only came from the randomness of society!
-Patrick. Michael. Kohlwey.

Image credit: @itspattypunches on instagram
Image credit: @itspattypunches on instagram