and swipes,

and marks and skids,

sprays and displays of affection.

Is this public or privately owned at all?

Is my domain virtually indestructible and
moving with my engine and its software?

Is there a resonation that we need to tune into, and what makes this object so appropriately connected?

I started writing about my observations of what happened in the past, a report on the way things were that got me to here.

I got better at finding the difference between my own voice;

inspired by master teachers,

and always finding recollections of methods to madness,

my voice became uniquely formed,

and molded and pressed into a logo that I had commisioned to my best friend,

and my partner at the time.

Our collaboration was prime at the time,

a designer,

an illustrator,

and the writer whose ideas verified their alliance.

My symbol,

my logo is a representation of the love of life,

and the pun involved made this term so humorous that the multi-level-efficacy was making sense in each way that it could relate to one another.

Taurian is representing an astrology sign,

and the bits of the bull that find latin not to be a dead language,

but one that translates the love of culture from knowing the difference.

Torus is a term that belongs to engineering,

and a horn torus is the branch of engineering that processes communications in general.

A donut-shaped lattice that is like a flexible machine,

that is theoretical and not necessarily found in 3-dimensions of space.

I have always found these ideas to be in higher dimensions,

and with advancements in technology,

I am learning about myself more and more through this augmentation,

this upgrade to my soul’s voice seems to carry along these lines,

if you read between them,

you’ll find something in that space,

but I speak directly from my throat chakra to my gut,

and from my balanced mind/body/spirit complex,

which is able to lift any crown of thorns into the 9th or 11th planes,

those topographical maps,

those can be solved with algebra which is indeed Arabian in its root,

so don’t feel bad about their natural proficiency.

I have some allies that seem to be on the other side of this screen,

I trust those that can speak any of the root languages that our humanity verified.

I cannot always get my translations down right,
but my arithmetic cannot solely be solved with algebra,
one must apply calculus to these resolutions in order to ensure the safety of each human being.
Ethics and Logic,

one would think are inherent,

but common sense isn’t what makes us uncommon,

and street smarts didn’t make me any less wealthy.

Not there are a few other definitions in the palette that I have here,

a plethora of swatches for the correct artist to implore.

Just keep in mind,

that when using my domain,

that there are three minds that created this symbol and we each see things differently.

If you use this domain with permission and read this at the correct moment,

you’ll either get what you came for or leave knowing what you might need next time. “
-Patrick Michael;
TaurianTorus, A Communications Engine for the spirit.