Again with the intellectual whatnot…

“Again I have proven to find myself as one could only hope,
complete and aware of my fully connected atomic structure,
bonded within nucleus,
finding an electron microscope to validate my strange,
spooky action as a solution for being faster than the speed of light,
we did not need to go so far to say that we never found out how to equate the value of radioactive decay to my shelf itself.

Are we forgetting to put a price on the time I’ve spent independently to prove how my evidence is inert,
my name represents a noble man,
one who is like God,
and oddly enough quite representative of a vegetative farmer yielding only marks of what will happen in the future.
We have predictions on one hand,
but then natural selection on the other,
then we find anomalies that represent new representations of the soul advanced through the metaphysical.
Metadata has proven that the internet is made up of little details that show how meta and theta could find my American dream caught up in the web that was more solid than my synaptic fiber.
They asked me how I could know a myth or a legend to be the source of blessing the cursing sailors who pirated a vessel.
So is this syntax familiar and recalling the ether,
that fifth spoken word was absolutely absurd to the amendment to the soil that allowed for us to reconcile our debt like we used to,
staying true to our word without worrying about the sanctions that had demonstrated our connection to covalent bonds,
not ionic, we have chemistry here.
I’m no therapist and I’m definitely not a chemist, but I comprehend quantum physics to a certain extent.
Transfiguring the systems of stolen articles of clothing that we found at the thrift store.
So fashionable,
so cheap,
what else do you need?
The hand-me-down was the recollection that this was owned before I tried to copyright the streaming of information.”- Patrick Michael, a transmission from the communications engine for the spirit,