trim and border and edge

the study is over, and it’s giving back results, no more I say I’m just going on with the lay lines, the slight time designation that winded me when I went running for the door, to catch my breath one more time for the hand held scanning, the stomach turning flip flop, and ah alright…I’m cruxed, not cursed, like a counter-synced bolt, so why don’t I just baton down the hatches and tie these knots in tune with the fuselage. I believe this plane is tilted t but only crawling and ghost riding, door open and me out side dancing, fancy as fuck, trying not to lose my own balanced routine. 

I don’t have much left to do here so I won’t stop the polishing off of the basic directions. 

These technical issues are personal fouls, and it’s not that complicated to make the aft bow to the stern, so get me up right, I’ve been asking for help, and all I get is this plane that won’t star t. It looks insane to say hey look at my coast, didja see that barrel roll? Almost lost my cockpit! like the man who tried to go on a homemade space flight, they look at my vision and reject my foresight. Quacks.