out of what?

did you forget again?

that for the last nine years I spent my time wisely, writing about this and that and securing my work on my name, whatever the bank gave me today was lost to you. I forgot how hard it was to prove that ts he dentist didn’t accept MetLife as insurance. I forgot that I channeled so many entities to prove that I am allowed to test drugs legally. I forgot that you don’t know me anymore. I forgot that I can’t lie like I used to. I forgot that you can’t relate to hashtags and me too. I forgot that a protesting movement made me responsible for myself, not you, not me, bite whatever political ties you had that were inspiring me to write. now we have become very poor on the sentiment that I had my sandbox ripped off by my family. now payme a salary to no credit card. pay me again in the form of debt. pay me for your rollback. pay me nothing in cryptography. pay me for forgetting how to do my job. pay me for this writing.