singing online

“and so… I kept writing, as if nothing bad happened, and as if I never referenced the past, and as if I never spoke of the resemblances this new page would surface, and as if I never laid out some master plan to live the dream, and as if I never looked up to my elders to keep writing about what got me where I am now. ya, this vortex of work might grant us no harm, no foul, no piece of work to pay the bills, no bit of freedom other than that of my choice to keep moving, to keep my head down cause I know that if I look into the sun during eclipse, it will end up on the news. So many failed studies that ended up going haywire like when my noosphere got zapped with gamma and advertising that makes up 60% of the income of 32% of worldwide shopping taxes. I do all this work in my head and people think I’m crazy for knowing how to guide us out of the white light. That black-out only gets the white out if it combats with staticand monochrome, so we have more gauges to test the reality of things. I wish I knew the correct way to cone across about these little details in the devils derivative haze, his smoggy, burning of the tread, his pollution that looks like we lost the war on wages for peace. one of these days I’ll stop giving away all these cheapo shot puts but for now I’m trying my best to reinvest in an economic bubble burst that doesn’t wash out the spiders from the drain of my income. one of these days I’ll finish this sentence without letting somebody else  take the credit. “- channeled from my survival instinct, my id, Patrick Michael Kohlwey