I sit here everyday, thinking of ways to communicate, creating different channels to this portal of loving momentum. That law, one of the few I have yet to understand, so I use this psychic malestrom to move my thoughts from one place to another. I see a royal flush send all the dirty thoughts I have down this side of the divide. I’m working on keeping up with my connections, and finding more ways to reconnect the vein of good water to the divide. It’s not that difficult for me to prove how hard I work to get here. Now all I can see is how we must work out the difference between well off and scrounging for a quarter. Tell me once again what it means to have none. Show me how nothing is worth everything to mine. Show me what side of the great divide is powered by the force of nature. Let’s show you how we know what the Fraser River feeds and how is it so local to the bussing of under the table, not the trees. Unfortunately we are at a standstill with funding due to government shut down and this might seem relevant and too close to the truth today. But keep in mind these things happen everyday.

Here’s a live reading of this poem: