Posted Up

I come from every angle.I find my spirit out in this county. out in nature, the stag and his doe, they are tagged and protected from hunters who do not know. Now that I’ve done my job, protecting hunters from poachers, I ask for the simple amount of respect that a shaman might get.
I do not come for my bounty. I come to stop the violence.
I come to pick up what was never meant to be so public. This private message, from my personal email to my favorite domain, I publish my work to get proof of how the internet owes me an apology. Of course this won’t work, and I’ll look like some crook, or I’ll look like the doctor who diagnosed his own crew. The fees will be outrageous and I’m sure I won’t get anything back but some slack, a couple character attacks, and a certain way about this whole thing will label this medicine as quack. Duck! You won’t find me at the right moment. If you catch me in the act, we all go down too. But wait there’s more! Now I look like I’m selling you something and now you think I am an escort for this list of people that all represent my own space. This might sound selfish, but it’s for your own good. Update your communications and tell them we have not failed.

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