Masters of Trading Which for What.

What do you got that I don’t have?
What can we trade to get what I need?
So you don’t mix me up with you,
So I don’t forget who I am, so you don’t lose me ever again;
What can we share to show off the value of friendship,
what can I get out of this?
Its not just about sharing time with one another,
this thing that we do,
it’s about bringing ideas from one place to here.
From out of the past,
into a potential future,
out of the generic,
into the realm of completely new to us.
Something you’ve never heard of,
something so unexpected,
but never unpleasant.
How do we get there?
We trade time for space,
we trade space for matter,
we have a need to know baseline of form meeting function,
you cannot see what I’m not doing,
but you don’t care about the mystery cause you might just trust me to to reveal the unknown in such a precious manner that you find yourself tickled pink when the revelation comes around to revolve around you.
This poem is for you,
my audience,
this moment is for us to share,
this subtle caring thought is all that I need to float the magic of presentation before your eyes can expect this twist to turn your vision into something that must be seen to be believed.
Do you believe me now?
Is this a waste of your time,
did you spend all your days looking for this one thing,
or did it seem like a distraction from the real treat of valuable content.
Is there something you still need?
Is there a feeling you cannot justify?
Do you find this prerogative to be informative, or bland?
Want me to spice it up?
Can you tell what I might need to make this piece any better? Can we get enough feedback to sharpen my tools of creation?
I don’t always use sharp objects, but I think this one might just make the cut.