Vacation Responder

By: Patrick Michael

“So anyway, I get to work and start proving my grounds for how well my independent research does well enough for itself, and the developer of the program we had installed had the audacity to attempt to find me lying about nothing at all.

So I tell the story again so as to stop generalizing or finding my vague references out of order, nor not working for the system and of course they end up getting mad about how well I commute and how I get from point a to point b.

It might sound perverse,

and it might get profound out of context,

but at least these straight lines connect the corners to the matrix.

Call your operator and dispatch the honor system to figure out what comes next in our report of our secured fabric of reality.

We have the ability to get things figured out, but couldn’t find the problem without solving for x, y, w, and z four those four dimensions to seal the law of time in on this post. I get that not everything can work for everyone, but I’m covering the small scale version of the grand scenario. This works for me, sorry if it doesn’t work for you, not my fault line, nor my rodeo, and if it’s too metaphorical and not relevant, then bust a move and drop the kids off at the fence and we’ll trade stock price drops in equity for assets that cover themselves. Good?

No that sucks for us…clearly so this conversation with myself must be seen as less serious than it needs to be in order to exemplify the controversy of mind over matter. It matters not if you understand me, but if it don’t feel good, then you’re doing this in the wrong manner. Was it not good for you? It was at one point, so let’s find the point of origin for that good time, relay the message of perverse thought process and quit making the programmer fix himself, he’s not broken, the system works with machines, just update the pallete next time to include chrome, grayscale, gradients, spectrums and this, that and the other…” – a transmission from the communications engine for the spirit, TaurianTorus

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