Good One

Just press play

So comes the time to explain the whole point of this domain, a refresher course for those not paying attention.

Did I make a point yet? A real conclusion?

Yes I think I made a good one so far.

So, I write to keep activating the soul, bringing water to those arid places that were like a desert before.

I belong in the street, marching with my feet, getting the word out about where to put your money so my mouth doesn’t talk you into the sheets.

Wanna get in bed with me?

I’ll show you who I sleep with, it’s getting crowded on this private bed so let’s sleep in till the sun sets.

I gain inspiration from those that wander for whatever reason that makes them happy, mind you, that could mean anything so don’t get it twisted with anything that’s not making it to the river bank.

Now I said this was about water a time or two and you would never guess how literal I am about this mission, so let me confess a little bit.

The system I restored has more to do with reality than all these poetic manners that I tend to.

They told me to use fewer words to get my point across, but every time I cross that bridge, the troll taxes me on the front, robs me behind my back and tells a different story on the news so as to stop the conference call on the stop…go… Test and fail safe.

So what water way are we protecting?

The influence before you learn how water affects your mental health, these waters that are flowing from the top of the mountain down to the city over and down though the reservoirs.

But literally… It’s the Fraser that feeds the Colorado, that leads to the Grand canyon, and everywhere in between.

This water is your resource to live everyday.

You don’t think about it too much cause your life is just fine, but I wrote about this blind and treating my friends and family with kind gestures.

You forget that water has memory lined in it’s molecules and if you get mad at the water below your feet, well you’ll see what I mean shortly.

It’s precious and people tell me to quit worrying, all the while tainting the supply with their bullshit excuses about the greatest lie.

I’ve shown off the great divide with it’s intent on getting you supplies so I try to keep things seriously fun so we don’t lose our way on the ride down the rapids to the hot springs that filter everything else out naturally.

Colorado is magical as hell and don’t forget we have our own laws that allow us to treat our national parks better than our own homes.

The sacrifice it’s never necessary, but we do it cause we care, now donate some real currency to the cause before we drown in debt collectors that clog the toilet with fake money that could be better spent on organizations that benefit the entire planet from here to there.

Thanks for listening, thanks for being, just thanks.