The Show Goes In

Just press play

All the way through…twice.
My phases modulated and needed moderation to ensure stability,
I didn’t break once,
just got bent out of shape,
I took the hyperbole of this stanza and created a destination vacation land, sounded too good to be true,
but the cartographic errors that I adjusted for the architect solved all my cabin fever symptoms on the spot.
I can’t get away from this place,
that dreamscape that I made for fun,
I typed in text format and didn’t realize I was writing scripture in the eldest language known to man.
I transferred my region and called on american legion cause I slayed the winds of the east and we finished that battle meant only for oligarchs.
Aristocratic to gangsters of paradise,
find my cardinal directions to match my position on the front page headline that I consider a cheap stage.
Don’t mix up the set-list again,
that’s not what I meant by the platform if you know what I mean.
These contemporary problems are getting easier to solve with my tekno-shamanic wisdom being found inside we can bring it all inside my hood,
and we’ll cover the whole thing better than that fake news floating on the squaw front foot,
left foot up to his own step work.
We all got the story wrong from the beginning to the middle but the end is where we had things dialed in to make a new page that wouldn’t get locked into the new cage movement,
that mysterious schooling of the narrative to change hipster bandwagon fools out for realistic homies that got on the gravy train when I mashed the fruits of the nightshades.
Synchronicity saved me so many times that it was never weird when things were too good to be true,
so I kept moving through without flying or fighting the flow of time itself.
Fake people showed their faces so easily,
but we forgave them cause last week I found myself in a similar situation.
It felt like some higher power was mocking my script,
and making fun of my tragedies and considering my mind for insanity filing all the while honoring the heart with warm welcomes back to an auditorium. A stage that really captures all the nuances of the great movement that settles down nice and easy on the balcony.
It took forever to walk off that spotlight,
and I thought my early references to limestone and pyramids would at least drop my heart off at the bus stop.
Cigarettes that I smoke on the daily ease my stress on what I’m doing with my life lately,
I can’t justify the tars or the feather weights that dropped out of the sky like I was never owned, abused, or done wrong.
I have my own formula for providing faith in humanity,
I’ve said it before but this one is new on one account.
I learned about how families go through cycles in between generations and every thirty years or so we have to get through the same old bullshit just to get our adopted cousins in on this tab.
I barely chipped in,
so I thought I would give what I could,
I had been gifted a certain kind of schooling and so I paid it forward every time I had little more than enough.
Sometimes I wonder if I’m getting a little repetitive and then I make a full circle on a good point without turning the page,
and I make sense in a manner that delivers all of us from evil or wrong doing,
mistakes and decisions made on bad information was what had us at the edge of our seats,
biting our nails,
white knuckles and black shale,
all for no good reason.
What lesson do you need me to present?
Can I go back to what I was doing before I was so rudely awakened into this stupor of drunk on my ego ramblings?
I was minding my own business before I got ripped off and beat down to a pulp fiction writer,
I’ve got yellow journalism on my side,
which in turn makes this work for the people,
who hire the government to work these problems out with us.
Why did we ever think that our problems could not be solved with community gatherings, and well timed apologies,
and made up minds on what a prodigy can master.
In the time it took for you to look under the bed and sweep under the dresser I came up with enough slang to justify a new language.
A lexicon that could make the most professional writer look like an architect to the creators of pages.
Looked good from here I guess,
I’ll stop talking shit now that I have accomplished a good deed done for everything I have.
The confidence I gained from publishing this domain in my surname made my pen name look like some godly being,
and I won’t say that I didn’t look up to myself,
but I would never edit out a character flaw just to notice how pretty I look in the mirror.
I could keep going with this flow,
and I could break down my formula again,
and I could pull out all the semantics and I could get this just right after all this time,
but where will I find the time to get the format printed and pressed and shipped and packaged?
I guess I’ll just have to fold my cardinals up into cranes and make sure I don’t slip on my greatest fears anymore.