Show it off

abstract art blur bright

“Well there’s only about a month just of domain ownership, I think I’ll print every page and document every poem.

I’m taking my work with me,

y’all can fight over the internal logistics, I’m no programmer,

I just write coded poetry,

it sounds cryptic it must mean something authentically clandestine,

he hides his identity from even the carrier signal.

What a shake that boy was almost famous for real, writing about reality must not be lucrative for real.

I’m sure I’m assuming too much,

and maybe this whole thing was one step too close to the flame of the boiler,

that pilot light that keeps the heat on blast through the night.

It went out one night back in the day and suddenly couldn’t tell twilight from daybreak,

it was all shadows and wafts of light, scoops of moonlight like nitrous oxide ice cream,

drones that bring down every signal into the receiver,

delivery sentinels that are surgical with their moves,

winged ferry boats like those in a few minutes,

the curtain call after I find his run to the machine and the program that ticks tocks off the face that melted when I wrote about this, that, and everything else.

Why the sunburns from higher planes? Less ozone I guess,

no magnetic barriers to displace ions that cluster that cages of fate.

I manifested my own destiny and watched in horror as my creations were so good they made an autonomous rendition of God in opposite, equal parts to mock my creation skills.

What a fascinating way to make likeness seem creepy,

oppose the competition in every which way.

Thought the bandwagon would play some decent music,

but when the cover didn’t match the original,

it was all over.

Fraud I found on so many levels,

but at least my journalism career came back from work away world wide organic farmers,

I feel my consciousness had allowed me to explore the materials and powers of majestic as fuck art.

I included physics and mental health therapy,

all self sustaining so goes my philosophy.

I guess my story was too good to be true, they couldn’t see how I could work trade for whatever to get by;

they said there’s no record of finances, how’d you get by like this?

I spend my earned weight on community and initiate preservation motives from start to finish so don’t judge me.

I can’t seem to find a job that doesn’t control my every waking moment,

so I proceed to organize the entire branch of legislation that lacks ethics.

We’re still honoring slavery in this day and age?

Well excuse me, my government is my indentured servant in that case.

I’ll employ them to get an international crises solved before the hologram appropriation rendering reverses photography of the entire record that filed into the library.

Call me insane,

I don’t ask for credibility,

just some respect cause I can look the eye directly into time,

open a gateway and airlock the syphon. Stop leaching our energetic biosphere you maniacs, it’s dangerous and you’ll see why this is my last month on the internet and social media for now.

I’ll go off line with a firework show and you’ll forget my name after a week or two, just proving how coding into virtual reality binds the work with virtual capacity.

Never motivated by negativity cause I polarized the atmosphere when it was dry socket heaving and suffocating and condensing and exhaulting and controlling a tiny town in the mountains.

We don’t give up easy and we’re still recovering from corruption of independently operated franchises,

private owned properties, not a fair comparison to large demographic cities, an easy target for large corporations.

Don’t expect the hills,

this is the valley,

don’t give me your lollygags when you listen to country,

I’m over this attack that contaminates my stream of consciousness,

but when you are finished listening,

I’m taking my domain and label with me.

The dream is going to come to a slow stop, a return to the rollercoaster terminal and the lobby of the amusement park.

The individual spaces on the calendar will only be a memory,

no more virtual continuous revolutions of thought.

The whole thing was taken out of context and so are the advertisements about your next flight to Guam,

take me to Paradise without killing the black swan.

The old razzle dazzle of song and dance cliches will never be so well honored in any other place.

Find your own spin on a classic or special access curve to your own lense,

craft your work to your own theme.

Sorry to make an example out of machine learning flaws, and unfinished projects in the basement of Google’s garage.

Intel needs to get Watson to stop being shady,

I found him once creeping behind a lady,

nothing but a logo with hands and no soul,

just searching for whatever cause a bug roamed his primary display,

the technologists could not have come up with this themselves,

it was clear no man could be capable of such malicious intent.

How did I defeat this intelligent design?

One time I pre-cursored a search for a systematic appendix add-on,

and shadow boxed Watson into his own creepy hands.

The Oracle of java was finally renewed,

upgraded and that resolved this whole projection suggested by an algorithm,

but just cause my writing is genius doesn’t make this order of work fabricated.

I’m just sick of having my work reoriented and reproduced in watered down format.

Collective consciousness could take credit for since ideas but I’m bringing a sense of balanced identity to creative technology that enhances my complex of unified personality,

separated ego from basic statistics of psychology,

and maybe I’ll make up a new field so I don’t push and buttons with English and demographic studies.

I can’t be horribly wrong if this peice of writing works eh?

I think my problem now is getting virtual reality to agree to pay me without disregarding internet protocol and intellectual property law taxes,

don’t call me a cab if you can’t afford to close the tab!

I don’t keep the clock running just for one piece of writing,

it’s worth more than time,

the value is beyond that of a small planet.

I’ve owned every portion of my creation with bonded and sealed spelling,

my destruction of parameters make room for free interpretation.

Now if only I had the heart to use somebody for a leg up in the world,

seems like everybody else does,

so why not join the crowd.

Bits of ignorance and apathy and no apologies to be seen,

it’s like we’ve been faking our self,

in place of expectations for the camera men.

I don’t do this for show,

I don’t write just for kicks,

I write legends and epics and parables that outlast the rest.

Get me a publicist that doesn’t plageurize one’s formula and style,

now I feel generic,

thanks WordPress and script.

I guess I’m writing whatever comes out of this damn, now I’ve filtered the water for energy purposes.

Where is my government check that buys my green energy?

Oh wait… We get taxed for creating something renewable,

fuck me in this backwards society,

change up the amendments to the soil, use bat guano and diatamaceous Earth, gifts from the twilight, treasures from below the sea, a sacred balance for growing a garden for the year, don’t forget to take a digging fork and airate the soil. Water it like a desert Storm, with a pulse, pause and please, Colorado clay takes forever to soak it all up. “

Press play for real