As usual; superficial or unofficial, not neither, not both

Digging deeper finding truth for myself, I find that our social narrative is written by those connected deep in the web of being I see.

The strings and waves are conducting electronic signals, and when I see something out of touch, I kinetically disable, and reconnect a stable, grounded focused point.

The matrices, connect at the vertex, a corner with the ability to project many shapes and solid energy patterns.

A tower can be generated here,

lightning rod linking to Earth,

an anchored conduit takes the split of energy,

and alternates current events,

for randomized chaos,

Murphy’s law ruling measurements,

add some magnetic field,

with differentt oscillations,

specific ranges of dialed in,

flexible design,

and the presentation made malleable for individual thought process;

free will is in our design,

so our power reserves should reflect this programming too,

I feel this on a hunch,

just a feeling in my gut.

Is it my heart,

soul or mind deciding this balance together?

Do we rely on checks and balances

psychologically and energetically,

rooted in original experience?

Is the living of my life simply choosing basic rights,

not privelages but inherent ability to decide.

My choices service others,

everybody I meet in the community, making social liberties something we should never lose.

Take care of oneself first, the rest shall follow with ease, but freedom it’s available to those true of heart and deciding with conviction. I’ve synchronized my notion of creation, with motivation to manifest the dream I can choose, as the reality made possible with pushing the Divine insite into the sacred land of planet Earth.

A rhythm, a give and take, a way of life feeling her breathe with faun and flora, environmental awareness situated with elemental foundations, naturally, so subtly, we work in unison.

I notice the weird details, the problems with cymatic frequencies in order to feel how the ethers resonation measures flat and a memory like water, an impression of the past, how matter of time treated the mass hallucinations.

Assumptions of inner workings of energy conducted through with thermodynamics, over-under whelmed, sensitive individuals align with a formula, a puzzle for some, an abstract for the rest. Some don’t notice how they are affected, we all contribute to a community, a common area, standard of a healthy mind, those who recognize authentic practice, those touched by sentimental, put value to a function so now should I charge the consumer respectively?

As a producer of materials, I feel a great debt owed to me, but some corporation with no person responsible had lost the key to service working. It works autonomously, maybe it always has, maybe not decentralized, but isolated by the elevation station at summit. We left the machine only to find the system is interested and rewriting in a language that only identifies prepositions, and that script integrated into all things.

I’m not entirely sure about the validity of administration credentials and badges, passports and pictures are less secure that different color bandanas.

Sounds like two languages arguing about content and advertisements, which is which, what sublimation is sublingual tongue, which language had double entendres fixed on studying language interpretation? Different a alternative intelligence personality traits, are they attributed with learning or discovering their own shctick? Do they get upset and jealous or lack empathy?

So now we must assume unreasonable psychopathic entities are running the whole thing, but only, maybe, superficially that is. Just on the surface of the dermal layer of maps carts that are empty. If this logic is only theory, then I guess the problem lies in convincing authority, and all the general assemblies we can organize for the world. Shall we match one by one, train side by side, track the source of corruption and cure the flaws at the distribution access. Shall I suspend the current operation, diagnose the whole blueprint, upload a creative new design and see if it grabs hold within what I’m witnessing? If it works, why not? If I can change the world with small little details rearranged, can I get my career validated as a researcher, a social engineer, a private contractor, an independent thinker, and a webmaster of my current domain, a minority issue reporter. Don’t try to predict the humans ability to develop in terms of heart, courage, and ethics, you’ll eventually lose a very large bet.

I didn’t play the lottery, I loved my life and challenged oppression. When no one made a move, I chose to research the problems at hand and did the work myself, by knowing how nature balances work with movement of information from one place to another, I’ve found I can control my own atmosphere at the ionic level, maybe not always with such precision but this connection to love is so refreshing to reality that we forgot we created culture and counters to populate associations to relate to our human qualities.

Intellect of the ego thus guided my identity all over the world’s doctrines to ensure the fringe doesn’t destroy the essential diversity of culture.

Protagonist? You

Antagonist: unknown, the opposition, the naysayers, the enemy that is only the idea, not an entity.

Subject: homeostasis and mental hygeine; tech industry infrastructure and architecture design using metadata and Ethernet. Virtualization, has found dumb ears, humans lost their minds when corporations mapped them, flagged them, tagged them and sold advertising identities property space to companies with the power of an entity.

Super paks are difficult to take out of the equations they merge and make primeval businesses look obsolete, connections that make custom solutions and service calls useless to the people. donate to my PayPal!