Final Thoughts

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For the last time…

Pleading the fifth amendment on this one,  
I won’t say a word, 
 but I think I stopped the algorithm from completing the programs defeating purpose of intrinsic game operating.  
The Architect has decided to rebuild a system manually instead of finding a design that works for multiple formats.  
A new block for this,  
a circular holographic cylinder for that,  
put some old wood working passages in those rings and use fabrication for steel frames for that which you did not know you could not support without cast iron.  
Maybe our materials can recreate this here dreamland that we often escape to,  
you don’t want to wake up from the animus that allows an avatar to experience past lives of the ancestors.  
It could be the year 3078,  
and we could be operating a very large vessel of space travel,  
out of time,  
out of touch with graphic novels that we live on the daily.  
We could have broken through in 1968,  
we could have broken through in 1984,  
we could be done breaking through,  
but not yet.  
We are still asleep,  
we have not woken up to the dream just yet.  
We are still groggy when we sleep through the night and visualize a whole landscape that animates our wildest imaginations.  
We can experience each perception, 
 from birds eye to third person,  
and if we’re lucky we’ll have an out of body experience,  
showing our mind how it is separate.  
Our vessel,  
this shell of computation,  
this perfect design made by nature to bond our personality and impression upon the particle-wave fabric into our web of being.  
We have the tools to experience the interactive spirit of reading the spacious placement of multi-dimension infrastructure.  
Beyond some simple minded comprehension,  
we lose our survival instinct when we see the charming of a serpent invertebrate cold-blooded connection to the animal within fighting for life or flying along the planes that tame venom into serums and cures out of disease.  
We have all the fixings you need in these places just out of reach,  
if only we could define the ineffable and find the prose to define the unspeakable.  
These subjects are only taboo due to sacred aspects that make them rare and something to covet,  
and since the folly of man lies with those who have not,  
we keep the secrets under the canopy and enjoy the shade of the leaves and the lush green foliage that keeps it away from the burning radiation of the sun.  
We balance our environment, as it was always changing,

we redefine our relationship to our fathers of time,  
the lords that traverse through wormholes without even missing a beat in the gears that clock work over movements of notes that left the same song and canon note on the tablature.  
I cannot write about much else,  
so I find a million different ways to tell the same story,  
I am the writer that hands off the page to the messenger that ensures the private courier gets the same message delivered to the reader.  
I bust blocks that writers fret over,  
and keep the stream from clogging up the system, 
 we build damns sometimes cause the flow is so consistent,  
we cannot always process each and every memory in the stream at once,  
consciousness is a strain,  
a memory connected through veins,  
and this network is not relative to the current pictures we have of the universe,  
not at all,  
more like the mycological means that communicate throughout the planet without any adverse conditions applying to the terminology.  
Is it universal?  
Well of course, 
 each creation we find has a structure,  
not an equation,  
more of a blueprint that matches a specific type of organism.  
Since we have only so much information to go off of,  
and our basic and secondary schools teach the bare minimum,  
individuals must rely on their intuition to pull truth from the machine that refines the foundry’s latest organized completion. 
 So we take these puzzle pieces and try to put them together in all these different ways, 
 none of them really make any sense,  
but we agree on the ones that are not like the other.  
mainly cause everybody forgets the main elements that we learned last time. 
 So every morning we go over the same subjects,  
and find that objective opinion is not truthful,  
so we disregard individuality and forget about community and collective authority.  
So I alert the crowd that this is all wrong,  
and how did we spend the past 10,000 years doing the same thing over again without learning anything more than the libraries fruitful impact.  
How many books did we need to burn just to prove all this language and information is inert,  
and we never lose the ability to find the information in our mind hermetically. 
 We can find it in ourselves,  
agree on the same truth between one another,  
and verify the source with a program that uses calculus and a page 59 characters wide, 
 but if we really want to expand our mind,  
we could try tilting it 90 degrees and landscape the dreamland,  
and find our consciousness to be widescreen,  
not just portraits of Dorian Grey,  
not just the perfect subject on display,  
no we can paint a picture of our surroundings and find inner peace with our new findings.  
Maybe we could wake up just enough to be lucid and paint with our imagination,  
at that moment we wouldn’t have to worry about if it was real or not.  
We could suspend disbelief just enough to levitate our body off the ground for a moment,  
one that feels like a golden means to nirvana, 
 or a spiritual practice that doesn’t make one another feel any lesser,  
we can always get better.  
We can always achieve a full spectrum extraction of essential oil pulled from full-bodied being.  
An incarnation of full potential and a balance of our guidelines,  
the difference is in the adversity of our minds eye to see without restricted world views that society locks our innocence up in.  
That cage makes this bird sing a song that is soulful,  
rhythm for the blues we get when we are shackled to the caves by the keeper of our cultural secrets.  
Did we ever leave the center of the earth?  
Are we floating on a cloud with projections that recreate the earth as it was in its glory?  
I’ve seen the scanners rings oscillate like a gyroscope that swings open and closed, is it energetic, or is it just the spotlight bending around the event horizon? 
Did we pass through the transcendent moment of the singularity?  
All signs point to the realization that it happened a decade ago when the last philosopher found the nihilistic viewpoint that ended our hope for civilization to go any further than observations of variant forms of transcendence. 

We think we find extra-terrestrial forms of enlightenment,
only to find its just another commerce ridden con-artists myth.
Meant to build fans and likes and now they’re selling you bits of dopamine that come from inside your brain and you just paid them for something you already have,
how do we beat this popularity contest for fame and fortune?
How do we separate material possessions from the necessities to thrive off of? Is there an ideal utopia,
or did we miss the boat when a genuine movement for the benefit of humanity became mocked by an opposition just cause the bandwagon and the counter-culture is necessary to see ourselves clearly. 
Now that this basic presentation of opinion and dichotomy is finished so neatly,
can I get some support from my colleagues and contemporaries before I go crazy over the same subject matter?
Maybe if I get this all right in one paper,
I’ll get the recognition I strive for,
maybe if I complete a whole complex of theories into one book,
I’ll be able to contribute to a commonwealth of knowledge equally.
Maybe I can compile all the evidence in the form of research references and solid record keepers,
but I think I’d rather make subtle references to common sense and pop culture cause nobody looks up the details anyway.
Is this poetic script academic enough?
Doesn’t this have to be filed into the religious section?
Please don‘t categorize these mild ramblings,
they are only as serious as you take them.
Just a plate of armor for the next war on information you battle through.