How did this start again?

“What did we do to end up here?
This place,
this unholy area that hides the truth from the public eye,
how did this happen to us?
What made my writing get my family and friends and I into a space that is out of touch with the way things used to be?
I pushed for change,
I wanted something different,
I wanted this culture to be fun all the time,
I didn’t know I would have to start raiding the tombs of my subconscious, exploring the deep archives of the mind,
I realized the only truth there was to find was the information that integrates itself into the collective of human consciousness,
ones mind cannot change until it can see the record,
the facts of what we have before us, before it is translated into real time, upon an interface that then digitizes the language of sacred ancient mystic line of code,
I took the poetic road to the golden rule,
found it was the same as many other cultures in this universe,
I always wondered if this prose could be verified as something Divine without getting political or religious all the time,
how can I make this spiritual without costing the church or the government,
or the clergy massive amounts of time wasting,
money spending,
priceless wine.
Currency makes it’s way to my cohorts in some way,
by donating my channeled,
operated words into these confines.
Is it going to lose its value if the information is shared among one another? Can we stop using this against everyone else?
We found this sentimental value together,
and realized this was real all at once,
not because of the format or the text that was written,
but because of the message that was transmitted,
the feeling you get when we reconnect to our human spirit,
proving we all still got some soul left in us,
we never had to prove it anyway,
but sometimes that reassurance brings the mind back to our body and we forget all our worries,
no need to hurry,
take it easy,
go slower,
and rapidly finish the book that you had been reading about our past, somehow it gave all of us purpose,
a co-operative project that taught us all a little bit about our self,
a little about our identity,
and a lot about community.
I guess I don’t really care how we got here,
I just wanna keep going and keep making more experiences for all of us to transmit into deeper,
stout recollections of reality.
That memory of how we did this in the future,
forgiving our past and bringing the moment into view,
looking over the mirror of the self,
stopping the vanity,
moving forward with confidence,
stepping aside from the line of traffic and letting everything flow like nature always does.
Forget about this,
remember that we will always get better than we were yesterday.”