Now what?

So I’ve established this domain and found certain ways to say that I don’t understand the entertainment industry well enough to create a page.

What’s the point of standing up for individual intellectual property ownership if it doesn’t create income or generate an ability to monetize and capitalize on social media?

I don’t believe in capital punishment so you’re in the wrong place if your looking for my motives to become rich and famous,

that’s all over and I’m not looking for the press,

I’ve already come to the conclusion that the narrative is automatically generated by mapping the algorithms of the movements of giant companies.

The hive mentality,

tons of ants droning in on bringing food back to the economy.

Let’s zoom out and stop feeding that soil…

It’s not what I’ve come here for,

and I’m done explaining what to do next.

I don’t know what to do now that I’ve secured myself in a position that makes others think I’ve tycooned a business.

I didn’t realize I had the powers of a multinational corporation with these credentials I earned from getting off Google’s website probation.

But now that I’ve gained the trust of certain entities,

let’s see what they think of changing the story.

I’m writing for activism I think,

let’s make sure that I’ve got my head on straight.

Ok that’s done now let’s make sure the advertising agencies don’t send me subliminal messages for pharmaceutical agents.

The more I aim for a more natural diet, the more it seems like I hear the same commerical quality frames and scenes pass by with hush hush tones about medicating my anxiety.

Of course I’m anxious,

I’ve earned my name for myself and removed my vote from slavery channels.

Oh great another gift card scandel… Just give me free rent on the work I’ve presented.

I’m self sustained, and off the grid,

guess it’s illegal in several other states.

Glad I’m here in Colorado,

good luck with the treasure I’ve found in national parking garages….

That’s enough for now I’ll just keep owning my motives and claiming my property.