Taken For Granted

Photo by FWStudio on Pexels.com

Grant me permission to move on through,
I think I’ll come up with something we’ve newly discovered in terms of technology and channeling of the spirit.
Of course they’ll start charging rent on these things,
as I’ve observed in the past,
but that is not the way things need to be,
and this is not the way things have always been.
I’ve not got much time to type this one out,
as they’re currently charging me a complimentary pass of one full hour to get all the details of these things out.
Does our recording of our thoughts have to be audible to the microphone?
SInce when did the mind map start giving me feedback in another’s voice?
Is schizophrenia even real, if I have identified these voices as something technological and having a limited number of responses.
The troll of the internet commenting on our mindspace.
The retort we get from our subconsciousness as the collective of the survival instinct of the mind sells us fear in the form of advertising and commercial and gamma waves that consist of 60% of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Is one considered autistic or have some type of syndrome just because they see this reality, this vision of the full bandwidth.
We need more data, we need more speed!
We need more room cause I don’t have enough room to emulate all this virtual data space,
and my storage bins are all filled with spam,
I can’t delete them cause I think there might be something valuable in that spam,
hey maybe I really did join a nigerian tribe and maybe that 17 trillion dollars in gold came from my walks through the halls of amenti,
observing the gaza strip and its bombings,
and how the other side of the border is just as dangerous to cross as american and mexican soil.
I then wonder if there is some kind of mass media hallucination being fed to all of us in the middle lower class…wait…so did we ruin community organizations with bastardizing communism?
Did we lose social security when we bastardized socialism.
Did we enforce our religious dogma upon others when we could not see how our god fits into the capitalism montage?
Did we forget to liberate our genitalia when we called liberals naked and afraid?
Did we get off on the basic instinct to survive and did we gain insight when we laughed in our beds shameless of how naked we were?
Did we forget to free the nipple?
We know that sex sells in advertising,
so can we make money off of our sexual encounters by taxing the companies that watch over our digital connections,
instead of being charged with prostitution for being a slave to the internal revenue service?
Can I get some service under the bar?
Nevermind, just let me get that over the counter, and make sure you check my identity in,
I might not have the funds to cover your insurance scam.
The way the world works is all they say for the motives behind these rules.
Watch out for your investments in time, and if you find your getting charged interest from the bank just for being able to pay back a small debt,
well flip that rule,
these little things only make the poor less rich in economic value,
and I’m not an economic data processor,
so why don’t we write some finer lines on these printing press works of art we call our lives. Why don’t we get the yellow journalism back on the grind, where is the fight left in our beaten down citizenship humanness?
I could be wrong, but it seems to me that the extrapolation of fictional exaggerations are the best way to express the modern problems at hand.
Maybe this story didn’t truly happen,
maybe this wasn’t false whatsoever,
but the problems we can process can surely be seen at our best examples of the realities that are parallel but not quite down to the tee on how we processed the story.
So where did these stories exist?
In the landscape,
the cityscape,
the valley,
the hills,
The setting was relevant,
only to the metaphors for the way that I filtered out all the hate and the negative words,
lets make some progress I’m done getting stuck in the woods,
lets aim to bring ourselves to at least a common ground,
a place where we can connect to the same ideas and present arguments against this,
settle our scores on what actually happened,
and be sure to bring some science fiction stories to make sense of the incalculable.
My place,
my space,
my mind brings something to this table,
don’t be getting greedy when I take it all with me when I leave.
I’ve been lucky enough to find a manner of expression that combines mind, soul, body, and all the things that characterize my true self.
I endure the opposition and I appreciate the competitive congregations from time to time,
but at the end of the day just let me hold my world view dear.
I don’t need my map to altered to a position that is unrecognizable to my own psyche,
I must be able to relate to this reality,
or else we all just go a little bit crazy.
I’ll lose my manners and slip the tongues in,
start speaking ancient languages that I’ve learned hermetically otherwise,
how would I have known?
Endless supplies of vortex energies…should I keep these musings spiraling towards golden means?
Is this too metaphysical for the doctorate that studied 9 years?
Can I take myself to school, and observe these paradigms with life experience instead of degree that cost years to pay off and rob us of our manhood?
Can I keep degrading the system and start throwing stones to build bridges?
Can we cross this waterway, this stream that keeps melting off the mountain, the reservoirs I’ve contemplated keep refreshing each day from the stream.