E.S.P Net-Work

“The applications of our modern era have so many layers of listening devices,
I wonder what parts are necessary to keep recording.
I understand National Security protocol to a certain extent,
but I have ascertained, to a certain degree, that we are selling our personal daily diaries of activities and records of our dialogue to separate private corporations that no longer listen to the government.
The purpose of secrets no longer relevant,
as all the information can be purchased in the form of a percentage of stock.
The entities of these multi-national corporations have been take over by some collective intelligence map,
the companies under its watch are suddenly in the dark running into one another with no guidance or protection,
just a giant body of money that is overtaken by artificial intelligence,
the CEO’s of these companies probably can’t even see the destruction hiding under the rock of their investments of their work.
The money is being siphoned,
but they don’t care cause there is a meter on that siphon and they gain a larger salary by how much money is missing.
What is the net worth holding on to at this point?
A storage park of files printed on paper that count as receipts?
Did this not show evidence that the money they covet is useless and worthless if they can’t stop attacking their interested parties, their source for equity.
They might not even be attacking intentionally,
these entities are so large in terms of intellectual property,
that they go about their daily schedule,
and their neutral actions of reaction and basic movements end up being destructive. They stomp on tiny little human beings that are just doing their best not to get squished. Its like a four year old playing with dinosaur toys rahr rahr rahr, and the juvenile mindset smashes his little toy house with the t-rex’s giant snout, rahr rahr rhar, but these little destructive moments are seen as capitalizing on practical data processing,
taking the information from recording each individual and making charts of statistics that record all the damage they’ve done….taking in revenue from people for finding their personal information lucrative.
What can we do as a society to stop these simple applications from quantifying our quality of life?
Life is priceless…it cannot be monetized, and as soon as the death of our innocence is written into a bill on capital hill,
the sooner we lose a battle against industries like cancer and life insurance.
Super-paks come together,
giant oil companies that build skyscrapers,
they take their profits from sucking the blood of mother earth out of her crusty landmass, and reinvest in “medicine”, whatever they can do to control the population I guess.
I cannot believe this propaganda any longer,
the world’s scientific organizations must be able to organize a news outlet that doesn’t make the people hallucinate a dismal end of days feeling,
I know the apocalypse already happened when the dinosaurs got wasted on asteroids or ice ages,
we’ve already experienced those two cataclysmic events within recent archaeological history,
unless we’ve been misled on those carbon dating stories as well.
I’m becoming a skeptic on all things that are possible,
their is so many creative ways to present concrete evidence!
I’ve learned from professors who tell us that we don’t really know the origins of our planet,
or our reality in relation to how we got these memories of ancestors and bloodlines that lead back to one ancient landmass.
How did espionage gain any traction?
How did our borders of different laws and different countries become separated from what makes us intelligent, gentle creatures?
How did coming together as a tribe make us want to find the differences between one half of us and another,
how did we separate and argue about what makes human beings great and so capable of positive vibrations?
These trends and viral actions that catch on in our society are so arbitrary,
what makes pop culture so sentimental and arbitrary?
How can we start a movement where the meta-data that these corporations record becomes influenced by the collective mind,
can we agree that social engineering can be used for a delightfully positive impact on the globe?
Can we not create a cohesive movement,
a channel of chains of organizations that benefit one another and make profitable value from nothing but sentimental feelings of good and getting better.
Can we heal this depressive augmentation scar tissue culture that victimizes itself?
The Stockholm syndrome is so difficult to break out of,
as our prison is always bigger when we look outside of the mechanism of states of consciousness.
I feel a barrier,
with a fence around that,
and when I got to the inner ring’s edge,
I elevated to peek over that wall…what I saw was a drain,
between the outer and the inward barrier,
a form of reverse osmosis is the only way to get in and out of these two things,
the semi-permeable membrane of consciousness must be navigated carefully,
for a bust in either wall is not only dangerous for the individual,
but if a leak of personal information were to stream through perception into reality that we see,
then we must learn to filter on a central nervous system process, instead of autonomic. Busting the walls of consciousness is never what one needs to break out of the prisoner mentality,
one must create a gateway,
or a tunnel that goes under
or a bridge that goes over.
but then we must regulate the information in a way that doesn’t demand more brain power than I’m already using on a day to day basis.
They ask me what I do all day for a living,
and I contemplate all the philosophic thinking I’ve processed in the past days and weeks compare my summary report to myself ten years ago.
I see a difference, in depth, but the moral and the result I always come up with is the same,
they ask what value this process is, it looks useless if I have made no progress from that thought process to this one.
I feel gratitude and laugh,
for the results and the conclusion are never the point of the story I tell….it’s the experience of the story,
the journey of seeing the whole process of our culture,
the merry-go-round of our societies fantastic repetition of past mistakes.
I’ve been told the goal that we are all trying to accomplish is to find a way to express life without finding the same structure of story-telling that we found in the past.
Find a new story,
this epic “greatest story ever told” is getting old,
and I don’t want to take the final boss down with an arrow,
I want to hop on his back and fly that giant dragonfly to fix the problems I had found with keeping one another out of our good graces.
I’m not playing games,
but the role-playing that we find ourselves in this story we call life on planet earth is quite fascinating to the explorer mentality.
We’re always wondering if we found a new frontier to map out,
or if we have only run into an old forgotten myth that was buried under the wars that were started and finished by different entities.
Did the winner of the war really have to cover up what started the argument in the first place?
It so obviously reset the motivation to go to war in the first place,
why do we not remember how to solve a conflict?
How can we not start doing the same cycle in a different order and see if the result looks like we reversed time and now we feel even older,
as we find our human origins date back to another mechanism that is more ancient that Babylon,
a whole clockwork system that is made of cogs and order,
creating reality,
not as our consciousness perceives it,
but as it actually is,
as it was here before our tiny little enigmatic catalyst.
It was as if two planets collided,
both had no life before the miraculous destructive action had caused an equal and opposite reaction,
and so our worlds that came together found material from the rubble and scraps and junk that we thought was previously two perfect, separate conscious thought paradigms.
Now we must think about what brought this planet earth together with a whole new form of consciousness that makes earthlings feel like aliens cause our worldview was so fantastically ruptured, that the toll it took from our little minds made us band together to survive,
and we finally made it to a collective refuge,
a safe haven for our minds,
we realized that there was so much diversity in those that made it to the same place,
we must have transcended in some way, shape, or form.
Now these entities that started a fight are accidentally kicking a pertinent mechanism that works just fine,
the operator suddenly wakes up out of its hypnotized,
mesmerized vacant state,
and the auto-pilot returns the manual of how to work the thing to its supervisory heads of departments,
and now we can finally contact the individual managers,
and now they can finally operate as a cohesive unit,
that moves from carnal destruction to archaic revival, and our resources are found to be recycled from products of our imagination.
They tried to tell me it was all garbage,
and so I took out the trash,
followed it to the landfill,
and rerouted a recycling industry to find the junk pile had equity,
kind of like the varnish on an old iron statue,
it’s age and it’s form is what made it so valuable,
cleaning it up was like watching the destruction of a statue of a church that was sacred as ancient wisdom.
The sadness was only temporary,
as the material wealth that came out of it was the memory of the people that were able to remember that stoic philosophy came about when the sophists, Greece’s aristocratic politicians had their world views destroys by information more concrete than their own congregation.
Galileo was shunned and locked in a tower by the church,
and he was ripped away from his sources of information that proved we were all being controlled by a secret organization.
I’m sure this still happens today,
and it’s so dangerous to create a postulation that doesn’t fit into those giants control. Do they not see how small they are in relation to the guardians of galaxies?
Do they not see that they are not going to earn their place in history as anything but an evil, unnecessary waste of 100 years,
time that was so clearly a bad investment in waiting around,
they must have thought we were done and that we had no reason to continue solving problems between societal unrest.
I’m upset because I have proven that doing nothing but writing poetry for the last two years has created a whole paradigm shift that was cohesive with what was already happening amoung the counter-culture.
The “millennial” term became derogatory,
and elders insult themselves by criticizing the very culture they created,
and they blame the younger generation for rebelling against the beast they should have slayed in the 1920’s,
the difference between now and then is that our intellectual community is now integrated into this telepathic connection to different niches of interest and focus.
We have truthers,
and anti-movement movements,
organizations protesting consciousness,
misunderstandings in the form of reactions of false-prophets reported by enemies that worship different entities, and they cannot see how I’m looking like jesus who was crucified for being good to people,
and I’m not trying to get stigmata,
and I’m not trying to martyr myself for a reaction,
I’m not trying to make myself a target,
I’m not sacrificing anything but my shame and my pride,
I’m fully naked and being painted by the students that observe such a naked model citizen.
I’m blushing by the compliments,
but not inflating my ego,
as I’ve given that thing up,
they said I died so many times,
they thought I killed myself and memorialized my past,
the outside circles thought it was literal,
and the word of mouth spread and the rumors twisted the truth and suddenly the world thought I was killing babies, and I came back to my business finding an abortion clinic had overtaken the paperwork cause there were so many indigo children recycled into the machine that processes souls and spiritual connection.
Somehow the next generation exponentially evolved naturally,
and it was seen as this stem cell research horrifying study,
we almost lost the gates of zion,
and I’m not trying to destroy an abrahamic tradition,
but when will three different houses of religion remember to work more like the water cycle, or the states of mass, from solid to liquid to gas, to chambers that resurrect innocence, the crystal children of the earth came into existence more intelligent than us, and is that not what we had worked towards?
Creating a positive state of society that matures and finds the foundation to be solidifying a homestead,
a final resting place for recreating a family,
and land where sustainable energy and infinite creation is never destroying reality.
This is what we are coming to see before us,
yet the reactions are blurry and people make rash decisions on what they thought was happening,
and the flurry of pandemonium and listhomania erupts out of an exciting time to be alive.
We think that something horrible happened for some reason,
but it was all just an extra-sensory perception network that is starting to become popular and regular people are gaining insight into a route of information that was once classified and owned and operated by secret organizations.
I found myself here independently trying to map out something I thought was lacking a blueprint,
I got lost and locked in,
and was made fun of for losing my mind,
wait a minute,
isn’t their a chain of command and a due process and a protocol to follow when these things happen?
Is there not a function or an operation in the art of war or the book of the dead or the manifest destiny that has prepared our society for when our constitution is being upheld by an enemy?
Why are we not coming together and fighting the opposition?
This war feels civil…not military grade,
but state of the art,
ahead of the current timeline,
futuristic as science fiction,
I mean my dreams and imagination is being taken seriously as a threat to national defense!
Ok maybe that is an exaggeration,
as it seems every time I defeat the program that trained me,
I realized…wait a minute…I’m an ordinary citizen,
and an independent thinker…what a marvelous country we live in that when I found myself at a dead end and lost in this system that a government agency(or so it felt) swooped in to protect me and pull me out of a dangerous situation.
Whew that was a close one,
I now understand why there is a control group and a variable one, a constant study and an ongoing experiment that is going on.
It’s not some conspiracy necessarily,
there are simply fail-safe’s for reality,
and contingencies that quantum computing always solves for,
and as spooky action seems to scare the living shit out of certain fraternities and organizations,
it appears there was a prank war going on more than anything.
I had a groundhog day training of hazing get signed by every congregation I could find for over a year consecutively.
Skulls;n’bones started with making me think suicide was becoming a trend for enlightened individuals, and so we had a fiesta instead with a republic that supports mexican-american sugar skulls,
and then all they had was bones,
so we smoked those as well and shared a joint checking account and suddenly all this debt that my ex-partners and I had looked like a brotherhood instead of a mormon church sermon.
They honored my method however with a visit from those polite door-knockers,
I’m not trying to assume the demons from your new definition of biblical written scripture, but I really respect the update to the new testament and all those new fangled translations,
quite honestly for a moment I couldn’t see the difference between studies of god and scientific method,
but my own spiritual practice made both protocols creepy and different than what I am studying,
it appears that souls and bloodlines and marriage and patriarchies and the debauchery of mankind was being attributed to only one organization, and it was so clear to me that it was a human condition,
a repeat mistake on the introduction of paid advertisements for super-bowl commercials.
That was the longest commercial I had ever seen,
and then I realize the past 10,000 years were christian controlled in america,
so we laugh off the greatest ironic moment when we all had a sigh of relief,
just a simple sign that we are still human, and we are not losing anything but gaining insight from whatever this is. ” – Patrick Michael, TaurianTorus, the communications engine for the spirit.