Stock Holders

Today, like many days, the local deer in the neighborhood came to visit my home.
The land is protected by the beauro of land management,
and so the deer are tagged and allowed free roaming in their natural habitat.
It is considered poaching with a hefty fine to hunt them here.
Nobody does,
the land is wide open and there would be a full force of cop cars with weapons drawn in moments.
The deer are not tame,
they are wild,
gentle creatures,
grazing the snowy landscape eating wheatgrass,
and sagebrush.
Amazing that such a majestic and stout animal can survive on such little variety of food. It makes me wonder if our gluttony in food sources has our diet changing our pleasure/depression ratios.
Do we really need to import foreign goods from one place to another?
Maybe we are meant to be nomadic creatures,
traveling the world,
and exploring one another’s untamed wildlife.
Have we changed nature by merging too many cultures into one place?
I find the diversity of a city fascinating, however,
there is something divine about the untouched nature that surrounds our dwellings.
So many environmental problems at hand,
the solution appears to be simple,
give the spaces of nature a moment to recover from our destructive mining of its resources.
Industry is necessary only for the luxury of mass production,
cheap quality,
less lucrative small businesses,
more giant corporations selfishly,
greedily contradicting their purpose of providing essentials for humankind.
I went back out to the deer and they were a little startled at first,
I gained insight from their body language and felt their consciousness acknowledge me. I wonder how intelligent they, do they think in words or just feelings?
I experience their emotions for a short moment, and they are full of bliss on the edge of fear at all times, survival instinct, but like a kid at disney land, just so much to experience from one space to the next. It’s not ignorance of the world at hand that makes them happy, it is a full immersion into nature’s warm embrace, not knowing when the next meal will be available, but knowing that there is plenty to eat, the deer just wander and saunter over the hill and across the plains, springboard prancing in action, they bounces and trot and stop to look out across the valley. Their ears twitch, and they are still as a taxidermy stuffed head on the wall, but only for a moment, before their eyes glaze over, they snap out of their existential moment and graze for more grass. I grew up in a family of hunters but naturally, when they offered me to take hunter’s safety I refused caused I hated the idea of killing. my young innocent mind was so kind and considerate of nature, the idea of hunting and killing an animal made me sick. However, they did take me scouting a couple times, a practice that involves scanning the area to look for patterns of the local herd. Usually, a Buck will travel with a herd of doe, his own group of ladies, and the other alpha’s in their group fight with their antlers for political reasons, if they lose the fight, the doe instinctively go with the more qualified protector of the herd. Such a complex paradigm, but so simple at the same time, to think that we are all that different as a society, or that our ability to create machines that mass produce packaging products makes us more intelligent is absurd to me. I feel we are a lucky race to have developed such variable skills, but it seems so ignorant to feel superior to nature, we are clearly destroying our environment, and this lack of ability to stay balanced within homeostasis is a sign that we are completely ignorant to our consequences. Like lemmings, it seems, wasting away, but I feel that old mentality is wearing off. Our society is gaining momentum on the healthier, higher vibration side of things, we are sick of feeling sick and tired, and each day we are getting better and better at being good to one another. More and more initiatives by larger corporations are beneficial to society(mainly for tax-write off purposes) but that motive doesn’t disregard its intention. Their entrepreneurial aspect of certain organizations will donate a percentage to a cause that is beneficial and provides services and goods for those less fortunate, and these random acts of kindness are gaining traction, and its always inspiring to see a large corporations change their reputation with simple operations. I think there are many out there switching up their process, to get a little more out of life, sometimes we do not know what we need to get better at living this life.