Got it

Running around the town, reconnecting a community that finds ways to take care of the impoverished ones, those who work all day under the table cause applying for work would prove the government ignores their social problems. Dreamers born in America, parents who legally came here but were not allowed to takes tests to get citizenship paperwork finished for fear if deportation, they are taught to blend in and work off the record, then have to fight for a paycheck or an amount of money that is clean enough to bank, I found myself in this same community by working jobs for private individuals who could pay me cash to work manual labor, and I spend my money on franchises privately owned and operated, but they don’t count those tax receipts as paying my dues, they consider me a criminal just for going social work that is not taxed by the government. Is this even controlled by those national, local, state, or federal ordinances? Did we have to get punished for not being afraid of our forefathers placement of constitutional rights? Why does it seem so difficult these days to get myself on the books now? What’s the problem with our social fabric? Did we really need to be shoved in to the corner? Get me outta this aristocratic Monopoly. Find me some other way to make money, don’t label it as anything but political ignorance. One day I’ll get there, one day I’ll remind you of how journalists were once associated with presenters of facts, not told to repeat propaganda from the military complex.