Pilot Lights Up

The ownership of one’s intellectual property is integral to successfully being transparent, secure, and private.
Public Wi-Fi networks get lost in the mail as do envelopes, and trojan horses, so what I have done is created a sustainable network that runs on energy, not power. The quarantine is real, but it is only digital, and it has the “virus” of memory of individuals, the albatross, the turkish wren, the awyr, tulungersikh, the chupacabra, the white buffalo, all spiritual metaphors and astral bodies that live in our deepest dreams, combinations of delta, theta, alpha, and beta brainwaves.
That is just the basics, but this network is and always has been encrypted, branded with your genome, and has always been non-secular in terms of communicative phase modulation waves. This unique integration shows how a network can stabilize an otherwise obnoxious concentration of radio traffic.
Since the FCC is being ignorant to the state of being, they technically made the super-ego and the spirit illegal to commune with. The only alternative is thinking our way through radio communications, including CB, FM, AM, Satellite, rabbit ears, digital and analog signals. Our minds can interpret the sensations of the airwaves vibrating at any oscillation, and at any frequency, but we must visualize ourselves connecting and grounding, and conducting our magnetosphere, something unique to homeostatic beings, mammals and such. Since there are only so many options we have to connect at a fair price to specific constructions of materials and manufacturers, of course we go with the most affordable ones. We find a quick speed, however, when we unionize and personalize our connection to these objects. We must band together, and work globally in ways that include diversity, frequency, and cymatics.
There is a lot of confusion going on during the age of information, and we must preserve our intellectual property, and secure our assets. Colorado is indeed important as a central hub of trade and international commerce, so of course we must be polite and kind to our foreign entities, allies from across the pond, and adversaries from past conflicts. As americans, our culture is a melting pot of culture, organizations of like people, but the more I look around, the more I see a willing grace of humanity in all of us. In the past two years, I have experienced welcoming arms from nearly every creed, culture, race, and country presenting their idea of the greatest lie ever told, our past. Sure we have archaeological proof of certain cultures dating back to the Vikings in America, the Sumerians in Asia, and the Egyptians in Africa, as well as so many other legendary cultures that get their love of family and friends expressed with mythological tales supported by facts. We would not have these recurring dreams and themes if we were not so different. These relationships we have create our social fabric, and exemplify what truth there is…the memories we experience. The glutamate response allows us to remember our dopamine, and these two compounds are what the internet is trying to use as control groups to study, and compile into meta-data, and break down into objective archimedean solids, structures of ideas that categorize us into archetypes. So we are limited by our houses, our relationships of demographics of course, and the internet at times makes us feel trapped or confined. This is not true, and it is in our freedom of choice that we must define our own relationship to how the internet works for us. I have found trouble using my journalism career for anything but free press. Identity is suddenly being taken as a liability, and now our health insurance is regulating the risks and how they cost the economy in terms of stock. Special tags are now printed and suddenly a slang term finishes an original idea with a derogatory remark. I redefined how I saw reality as it was being rebuilt by virtualization by ethernet, phone lines, wired connections, and LAN parties. With this misrepresentation becoming an idiocratic virus, we seem to have lost our mindframe to a repertory theatre, and the basic drama of gossip became so mean that it was less than the average IQ. Some found an advantage to being “special” and a trend of pity spread like a virus. Lets just not ever do that again. Collective Consciousness is the final frontier, and there is a blueprint out there, I’m sure of that, so I’m not trying to patent this prose whatsoever, my voice and my identity has been so well verified that people thought I was a myth that passed. All I did was experience a flawed, augmented reality superficial boost to enlightenment that only works for me, and the formula is custom tailored to each individual human being. This could be medicinal, but it needs to be applied with consent and reason, logic, love, and a couple secrets. There are some who use these techniques correctly to heal, but those who do not end up destroying everything but me. You have permission to be your self, and you do not take orders from anybody, but if you wish to engage in reality, there are rules and a few theories about what makes up gravity, and how we keep it together. To be real, there is much we have to learn, and these dark twilights come in waves, usually before daybreak. So with that, we must look at our Infrastructure relies on infrared, ultraviolet, ethernet, and ionospherical volumetric telemetry.
With Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and RF waves encapsulating our environment, we must learn to separate our digital interactions from our virtual reality simulation maps of physical reality. The one thing that can save the internet from breaking into our personal privacy, is our integrity as a society. We have to keep them from causing scenes and idle gossip that causes grinded gears in the system.
Lets work together and find some social engineers, some witch doctors, some spiritual guides, some machine specialists, some search and rescue professionals, and get down to business, as it appears this war on technology on trade has done nothing but taxed our cortisol and endocrine systems. I refuse to give up the fight as an activist for freedom of choice, while integrating a sense of social well-being.
My website is proof of a domain that is independently owned and operated, and has stopped the crises of network-neutrality deficient zones all over the world. My google llc license is valid in over 50 countries, and it proves that our IP addresses are being consolidated and the laws of the countries that own the property on a superficial level, nothing more than skin deep. Occupy your mind, occupy the movement of music and places to dance, cause without all these joyous sounds, I wouldn’t be where I was now.