Made it


you made it all happen for yourself,

all without spending money,

all for just knowing how to use street smarts with the law and value ethics over greed,

I have no debt,

thus people think I’m rich,

but my wealth is so spread out with different friends of all creeds.

I don’t take what isn’t offered,

I’ve kept my ears clean from all the noise,

I have my work cut out for me and my word is something you can hold on to.

Keep it if you wish,

print a copy whenever you like,

I think I’m engineering without numbers but arithmetic is applied.

I’m not trying to deny any accusations or criticism if it is constructive,

and I know who I’m not,

and how to defeat the shadow boxes cubical.

Don’t keep me in a cell block,

cause Rosettas Stone will roll down and translate every curse into a blessing in disguise.

I’ve learned so much in a short amount of time,

my incredible life’s story damages the integrity of my milestones.

the past decade,

Dropping out of college found debt for education and housing,

a blur, all the couch surfing I can wash up on.

Old Urban legends still haunt or legislation, and the ruling on roe vs. Wade was forgotten like the cold war.

America is learning what made us so diverse, is there something wrong with campaigning an agenda with reverse psychology?

Did this balanced recital of past presidents speeches get this right?

Can I fix the world’s problems with one fantastic poem?

It’s wild and unexpected, unforgiven for being stark naked.

Don’t judge me for my faults but love me for my leaps and bounds.

I’m rambling now and talking out my ass, but this challenge of intellect keeps me on my toes.