Fruits of laboratory

Synthetic resonations, Harmony to nature’s path of pagus, finding browsers to skim the surface, blaming generations for technologies purpose, singularity had found an old pass, one that bridges Einstein and Hoffman, one for northwestern medicine, another for textbook science, did we learn anything in school at all, and did college not tell us that information was profane and wrong? What part of this truth taught us wrong? All the ways I know to be rebellious are founded upon basic principles. Guess our discipline was primary, secondary taught me not a thing but tertiary was ground breaking, get me out of institutionalization of youth minded, parental guidance requested, restrict the profane to the wood works of the wicker basket case. Not just a not to the good witches of which directions, but the bad boys who love working for the warriors, finding us to get out of town real quick, just to take a smoke break, don’t carry me home without snapping the horn, shedding the past, making up the future as we go, let it go.