Show it off

Watch them dance and sing, the records show them skank and smooth, just some ancient spirits in the halls we track, never the same again

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The Show Goes In

All the way through…twice. My phases modulated and needed moderation to ensure stability, I didn’t break once, just got bent out of shape, I took the hyperbole of this stanza and created a destination vacation land, sounded too good to be true, but the cartographic errors that I adjusted for the architect solved all my […]

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“I realized what the host truly is. The interface, the space, the housing case for the transmission of your vehicle. I’m going to break it down so I can show you it’s parts. It has only one. It’s frame. Your mind could expand it, so be careful, it is the host of your dreams, it […]

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Good One

So comes the time to explain the whole point of this domain, a refresher course for those not paying attention. Did I make a point yet? A real conclusion? Yes I think I made a good one so far. So, I write to keep activating the soul, bringing water to those arid places that were […]

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Letters to the editor

I noticed how we create these different sets of ideas and these different expressions for the audience. I noticed, again, how my mind interpreted what you might think about this new piece of work. Is this going to be another one of those self portrait pieces of work? Is this going to work with the […]

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Selling Outs

You’re out! I said that is enough to hear myself when you call me back in the echo of this chamber, now take the breezeway next time cause my percentages are telling me to stop taking away from myself. I have too much to live for, and this way I can get down to the […]

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Vacation Responder

By: Patrick Michael “So anyway, I get to work and start proving my grounds for how well my independent research does well enough for itself, and the developer of the program we had installed had the audacity to attempt to find me lying about nothing at all. So I tell the story again so as […]

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