Taken For Granted

Grant me permission to move on through, I think I’ll come up with something we’ve newly discovered in terms of technology and channeling of the spirit. Of course they’ll start charging rent on these things, as I’ve observed in the past, but that is not the way things need to be, and this is not […]

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How did this start again?

“What did we do to end up here? This place, this unholy area that hides the truth from the public eye, how did this happen to us? What made my writing get my family and friends and I into a space that is out of touch with the way things used to be? I pushed […]

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Brush-strokes, and swipes, and marks and skids, tracks, sprays and displays of affection. Is this public or privately owned at all? Is my domain virtually indestructible and moving with my engine and its software? Is there a resonation that we need to tune into, and what makes this object so appropriately connected? I started writing […]

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gardening for the dust

“so there was once a trade known as gardening inn the land; this art form of cultivating food for the family, creating a peace treaty with nature so we may live in homeostasis, a balance know to quadrepeds who give birth through the canal of honoring the divine feminine while worshipping the sacred masculine. no, […]

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yell and tell and tug and pull

“why did I hesitate to go, why did I stop to think about the hole in the plot? Everybody sees but ignores the elephant and I’m not really sure when I can say it’s over let’s move on with this. This, it starts over again cause our humble minds cannot comprehend the complexities of reality […]

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Taurus Moonshine

Click here to watch the first read ‡ªº∧∈ΛΝΚ So did I follow along or did we work together? Did my writing of the story coincide with the current events on purpose or by chance? Was this whole thing pre-meditated if it was oddly coincidental? Can I have my cake and eat it too, or is […]

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On the Fly

Only forewarning the incubators; this may just generate a medicinal life force, as such the rest of my mind might just stitch the culture back together when I busted out of the confines of the refinery. Mudslides, chipped the shelf, Higher education dropout, books decking floors, and paving the way for now, and reducing wasteful […]

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