Made it

Congratulations, you made it all happen for yourself, all without spending money, all for just knowing how to use street smarts with the law and value ethics over greed, I have no debt, thus people think I’m rich, but my wealth is so spread out with different friends of all creeds. I don’t take what […]

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Taken For Granted

Grant me permission to move on through, I think I’ll come up with something we’ve newly discovered in terms of technology and channeling of the spirit. Of course they’ll start charging rent on these things, as I’ve observed in the past, but that is not the way things need to be, and this is not […]

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Taurus Moonshine

Click here to watch the first read ‡ªº∧∈ΛΝΚ So did I follow along or did we work together? Did my writing of the story coincide with the current events on purpose or by chance? Was this whole thing pre-meditated if it was oddly coincidental? Can I have my cake and eat it too, or is […]

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Feeding Fish Food

Alliteration is literally one of the best ways to find a substitute for pop culture codes. I read a poem one time from inside my own mind and collective consciousness was found to be giving the rights of our paraphrasing of the word to some intuitive source. My thought process is streamlined and I’ve found […]

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wonder boy

“I’m wondering again if I should just stop writing about my past, I’m wondering why each document matters, I’m wondering what makes my megalomania valid, I’m wondering when they’ll stop picking on me, I’m wondering what makes this the next big thing, I’m wondering why you can’t stop watching me, I’m wondering why I wonder […]

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Alive and Improved

“Living the life of a writer in the studio; one that is always under the knife, a sharp one, that is like the professional finder of the source of creation. Its strange to have one’s work watched by the others but its even stranger to see myself from the outside looking in. It’s what I’m […]

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War Stories

{Not to be Read in Rehab} Now Could I get some translators on board to switch up this script to Martian in order for this message to be reached at its apex. I have received some inferences by way of transmission that led me to believe one such embassy in the Yorkshire of pneumatic presses […]

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It’s Us

{ΙΤΗ§∪Μσυ} Expectations are fruitless when solutions are not resolved correctly. One must follow through on their word or this representation is not reputable. We are using scientific theory to provide evidence of how to heal the rotten roots of forbidden fruit. I do not believe it was a reptile that mislead my idea of wisdom. […]

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No Reservations

No Reservations By: Patrick Michael So as I psychoanalyze and redefine and sift through the influences and the nuances and the extremities of my body, I fill the void with the only force strong enough to transfer folds of timing and clocks and watches and necessitates to be here now on time. So arbitrary, I […]

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Marooned By: Patrick Michael I wrote a thing cause I heard a noise, a thing that was relative to the omega, the god of war. These gods are ancient, we must respect how they got their name, how they found their way in the sky, and no longer reside on the earth. I forgot a […]

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