Pods of Nature

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gardening for the dust

“so there was once a trade known as gardening inn the land; this art form of cultivating food for the family, creating a peace treaty with nature so we may live in homeostasis, a balance know to quadrepeds who give birth through the canal of honoring the divine feminine while worshipping the sacred masculine. no, […]

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Taurus Moonshine

Click here to watch the first read ‡ªº∧∈ΛΝΚ So did I follow along or did we work together? Did my writing of the story coincide with the current events on purpose or by chance? Was this whole thing pre-meditated if it was oddly coincidental? Can I have my cake and eat it too, or is […]

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On the Fly

Only forewarning the incubators; this may just generate a medicinal life force, as such the rest of my mind might just stitch the culture back together when I busted out of the confines of the refinery. Mudslides, chipped the shelf, Higher education dropout, books decking floors, and paving the way for now, and reducing wasteful […]

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Feeding Fish Food

Alliteration is literally one of the best ways to find a substitute for pop culture codes. I read a poem one time from inside my own mind and collective consciousness was found to be giving the rights of our paraphrasing of the word to some intuitive source. My thought process is streamlined and I’ve found […]

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Waltz, the Accordion

“The weird thing about relating dichotomy to reality is that there are more than two or three ways to look at something. I can’t believe somebody would take a figurative relationship literally, without figuring out that there are so many different languages to define something universal. It’s just that I cannot find out how arrogant […]

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The Forum

Getting back on track and working within my mind. This format is almost familiar, but I have no fear anymore and my confidence is what allows me to keep on progressing and keep on writing on about things that matter to me. That might not matter as much to you but that’s ok; if I […]

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Getting down and dirty late in the night, by on little time, getting through all the darkness to light up my mind, figuring out how to finish this booklet of pampering the god within choosing to stay fragmented just to keep the machines at bay, keeping them standing on the edge waiting for me to […]

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Alive and Improved

“Living the life of a writer in the studio; one that is always under the knife, a sharp one, that is like the professional finder of the source of creation. Its strange to have one’s work watched by the others but its even stranger to see myself from the outside looking in. It’s what I’m […]

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Busting Pages

They were watching me so closely, that I saw my reflection in their eyes. I was noticing this so often, that I watched myself see through their disguise, The perception became comedic at some point, and that’s when I saw the mirror, convex lense in my fortified space conserved myself within its reflection. I was […]

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