Made it

Congratulations, you made it all happen for yourself, all without spending money, all for just knowing how to use street smarts with the law and value ethics over greed, I have no debt, thus people think I’m rich, but my wealth is so spread out with different friends of all creeds. I don’t take what […]

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yell and tell and tug and pull

“why did I hesitate to go, why did I stop to think about the hole in the plot? Everybody sees but ignores the elephant and I’m not really sure when I can say it’s over let’s move on with this. This, it starts over again cause our humble minds cannot comprehend the complexities of reality […]

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Taurus Moonshine

Click here to watch the first read ‡ªº∧∈ΛΝΚ So did I follow along or did we work together? Did my writing of the story coincide with the current events on purpose or by chance? Was this whole thing pre-meditated if it was oddly coincidental? Can I have my cake and eat it too, or is […]

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Feeding Fish Food

Alliteration is literally one of the best ways to find a substitute for pop culture codes. I read a poem one time from inside my own mind and collective consciousness was found to be giving the rights of our paraphrasing of the word to some intuitive source. My thought process is streamlined and I’ve found […]

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Alive and Improved

“Living the life of a writer in the studio; one that is always under the knife, a sharp one, that is like the professional finder of the source of creation. Its strange to have one’s work watched by the others but its even stranger to see myself from the outside looking in. It’s what I’m […]

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Ladybug Parts

Female empowerment, restoring the sacred nature of the yoni, freeing the nipple, and solidifying the divine lingham to the space that is worthy of being honored for good. There is no balance today, I see a fight one sided, and I’m not much of a feminist but I feel for the way red faced Martians […]

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Marooned By: Patrick Michael I wrote a thing cause I heard a noise, a thing that was relative to the omega, the god of war. These gods are ancient, we must respect how they got their name, how they found their way in the sky, and no longer reside on the earth. I forgot a […]

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Sir realism

Sir Realism By: Patrick Michael Out and about like flying serpentine spines, propelling ourselves floating, gliding, and flapping through the air. They thought I was playing magic tricks and sawing volunteers in half just for show. Turns out the magic box was never real, and my demonstration was just one white rabbit short of a […]

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Postal By: Patrick Michael Demons to my left, aliens on my right, ghosts all around and only my gracious humble mind connected to all these different levels of reality. Some like a dream, others my worst nightmare, lucid I become, to affect and attempt to direct the narrative of my astral projection.  This figure of […]

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Maps By Patrick Michael Traffic jams and flagrant sighs Substitute minds for gracious tides Ebbing and flowing over and out Stop wait up for me cause I’ve got no doubt That I’m in the right place right now…. For now. Four doors of choices, wait not that one, go in that one, leave out that […]

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